Kelli from the Tron – Episode 79

On today’s show I talk to Anna Casey-Cox from Go Eco about “Keep Kirikiriroa Hamilton beautiful”; a petition calling for the Hamilton City Council to make the environment a priority in the 10 Year Plan.  You can sign it here.

10 year plan.jpg

I was then joined by Mark Bunting, a Hamilton East City Councillor (and fellow FreeFm Breakfast show host) to hear his views on some of the issues we need to give feedback to Council about.  We discuss growth – including how we can get more housing and services without the sprawl and price tag; central city parking, rates and more.  You can make your submission here.

Music from Half Eaten Pie, Snake Oil Peddlers, Cheshire Grimm and System Corporation.



Kelli from the Tron – Episode 78

To kick off the show, I share the brand NEW Skinny Hobos track “Jacked like the Ripper”. They’re in town next Friday with I am Giant, tickets for the Altitude gig available now.

I also share music from The Recently Deceived and The Changing Same.


With the Hamilton City Council 10 Year Plan consultation open to the public, I ask Angela O’Leary – Hamilton West Councillor on to the show.  We talk finances, VOTR extension, the Peacocke development and conduct of Councillors.  (It’s at 9.52m if you don’t have time to listen to the whole show)


I was stoked to have Simon Hirst, local musician on the show to talk about his new album “Feet of God”.  He performed Arohanui, the first song off the album, which is officially released at Nivara Lounge on Saturday the 7th.  If you get to the FreeFM page you can get yourself in the draw for a copy of it!  This interview starts at about 37min.


So listen in to some real local content! 

Minimum wage not enough

*** Living Wage Aotearoa New Zealand have just announced the reviewed Living Wage Rate for 2018 is $20.55 an hour. ***


It all comes down to whether you think someone who works should be able to afford to live a decent life. Living includes not only shelter and food but the ability to participate in their community.



In the Mayor’s 10 Year Plan proposal he sought to bring in a minimum wage for council staff of $20 per hour, effective April 2018. This was thrown out in favour of a staged implentation of $1 an hour for the next four years to keep up with the government intention for the minimum wage to be $20 in 2021.

If you want to see who voted against bringing the minimum wage increase forward, check out (it might surprise you).

As of April 1st, the Minimum wage in New Zealand is $16.50. From April 4th, the 2018 Living wage rate is $20.55. The Living wage is the rate you need to earn to be able to live. A minimum wage is a random figure.

I’d love you to join me in telling the Mayor and Councillors that Hamilton City Council staff (and in fact EVERY employee) deserve to be able to pay their bills and therefore need to be on a Living wage. I recommend the Hamilton City Council might make savings by reigning in excessive executive pays to afford to do so. Currently 81 staff earn over $100,000 a year – I think they should be sharing a piece of the pie.

Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch City Councils have already shown leadership in movement to a living wage for employees and Hamilton should follow suit. The current proposal for a staged implementation of a minimum wage increase is not enough. The rates will be irrelevant in 4 years time as costs of living continue to increase. The hope is that leadership in the public sector will continue to encourage other employers to follow suit.

The Waikato Living Wage Aotearoa New Zealand are fantastic (volunteer) local advocates so lend them some support as they help you, and our friends be able to live better lives.

The Deputy Mayor and Metal band Deathnir

On this week’s FreeFm show and podcast...

Are the proposals in the Hamilton City Council’s 10 Year Plan “done deals”?  I ask Deputy Mayor Martin Gallagher this question and then find out what he thinks will make Hamilton a desirable city to live in.  Then, Andrew from metal band Deathnir comes in to let us know about an event happening in the central city this weekend and what he was hoping to achieve by bringing metal, rock, acoustic pop, reggae, folk and blues together!  He also performs an acoustic version of one of their songs.

Other music from Looking for Alaska, Coral and System Corporation.


Zero Below by Katie

In this week’s podcast I chat to zero-waste advocate Katie Hine.  Over the last couple of years, she’s worked towards reducing her waste to just a jar every couple of months, far shy of the 780kg the average Hamiltonian is responsible for each year.  Hear about her journey, and tips on how we can all reduce our environmental impact starting in the home.  ( or insta “zerobelowbykatie“)

Katie Hine has a blog called

Earlier in the week Katie and I organised a meet up for those interested in zero-waste which was a great opportunity to share ideas, ask questions and find out what is happening at a community and political level with regards to waste minimisation.  If you’re interested in future meetings, or want to be one of the first to sign a petition to the Hamilton City Council which launches next week – join the Zero-waste Kirikiriroa group on facebook.

In this episode I also talk about the proposed name change to Kirikiriroa and play music from local bands The Shrugs, The Good Fun, Loudhailer, Date Month Year, Ancient Tapes and Snake Oil Peddlers.


With thanks to Two Birds Eateries for their support for Kelli from the Tron and FreeFM89.0.  Listen to the podcast here.

Future City Festival at FreeFM!!!

After inviting some of the bands from the Future City Festival line-up into the FreeFm studio for a live show, I didn’t really know what to expect – but what I got was lots of fun, so much more appreciation for what they all do to make our city cooler and excitement for what is Hamilton’s biggest and best music festival.

Listen to the full (hour long) podcast. 

First up on today’s show was Oliver aka Glass Shards.  He bridges art and music perfectly –  so if you want to watch someone stand still and sing into a microphone… you won’t like this  He also has an exhibition at The Meteor this week, so check out his work there.

glass shards.jpg

Next up Julian from The Scones and Kitchenette.  It was was good to put to rest the question he probably gets asked every single interview which was scones (zz) or scones (like stones)… you’ll need to listen to find out which one it is…

Stoked to have Kat from one of my favourite local bands Cheshire Grimm in next, after hearing rumours of a hiatus I had to find out the dirt.


Can’t have a show about Future City Festival without the organiser!  Rob from Hamilton Underground Press joined us too.  I wondered what it’s like to put on such a huge undertaking like 20+ bands in two nights in three venues!

Finally, I felt privileged to have Chloe, Wai, Alex and Nathan aka Bloodlux in the studio to perform an acoustic version of “Unseen”.  Future City Festival is their first gig but I’m pretty sure you’re going to be hearing a lot more from them.


Listen to the full (hour long) podcast.

With thanks to Phil Grey, GM at FreeFm / The Hum 106.7 for the videos /photos

Next week’s show is on politics… so enjoy this one 😉

Podcast – David Bennett, Future City Festival and Date Month Year

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Episode 74. 2 March 2018.  I talk to Hamilton East National MP David Bennett about the proposed Waikato Medical School  -which appears to be a “no-go” under Labour.  I catch up with Rob from Hamilton Underground Press about Future City Festival – finally I chat to Trevor from Date Month Year, one of the bands at the festival.

Music is from Date Month Year, The Beths, System Corporation, Cheshire Grimm, Rubita and Loudhailer,