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Episode 67. 12.01.18. Guest Chris Rollitt – Hamilton East by-election candidate.

Accompanying blog post.  What By-election?  and Introducing Chris Rollitt. 

Music from Soaked Oats, Nation and System Corporation.

Episode 66. 5.01.18 Guest: Oscar from Soaked Oats, a Dunedin band in town next week.  I share music from them, Black Seeds, Knights of the dub table, and Hollow Grinders.

Episode 65. 29.12.17   Part 2 of my Top 10 artists or bands of the Year.  Sharing music from Strangely Arousing, Cheshire Grimm, Knights of the dub table, Albi and the Wolves and Skinny Hobos

Episode 64. 22.12.17 Part 1 of my Top 10 artists or bands of the Year.  Sharing music from Brendon Thomas and the Vibes, The Miltones, Looking for Alaska, Half Eaten Pie and Tami Neilson.

Episode 63. 15.12.17 Guest: Dr Ann McEwan, (Heritage consultancy services) about the Council’s latest proposal to buy and bowl buildings in the city down.

Music from Ancient Tapes, Half Eaten Pie and Simon Hirst

Episode 62. 08.12.17 Guests: Nathan Orr, tiny house advocate and founder of landshare.nz.  Nick Johnston political commentator on Straight Outta Johnston.

Music; Looking for Alaska and Sneaky Feelings

Episode 61. 1.12.17 Guest: Sue Moroney, about the DHB saga, paid parental leave and community policing.

Episode 60. 24.11.17  Guest: Katie Babbott to talk about her post on community involvement on the seedwaikato.nz blog.

Music from Date Month Year, Cheshire Grimm, System Corporation.

Episode 59: 17.11.17   Recapping the week in local politics.

Music from Looking for Alaska and Albi and the Wolves, Coral, Jamie Strange.

Episode 58.  10.11.17  Guests: Aaron from Looking for Alaska about their music, and an upcoming gig with Albi and the Wolves.  Mel and cast from Romeo and Juliet about the Blackbox Creative version of the Shakespearean play.

Music from Looking for Alaska.  Albi and the Wolves, The Goth and the Pixie, Loudhailer and Cheshire Grimm

Episode 57.  3.11.17  Guest: Sam about how we a build better communities through new models of housing developments.  Summary of the zero-waste workshop I attended.

Music from The Goth and the Pixie, Hollow Grinders and Louder Louder.

Episode 56. 27.10.17  Guests: Robert Moore to share his report “Breaking leftover bread: Kaivolution and food insecurity in Hamilton”.  The “No waste nomads” about a workshop about reducing household waste happening at Go Eco this week.

Music from Halcyon birds, The Scones, Cheshire Grimm and Louder Louder.

Accompanying blog post: How to help your community eat and Zero wasting is hard.

Episode 55. 20.10.17  Guest: Miss Honey Bee, about the very vintage pin-up competition and bees.

Music from Albi and the Wolves, Half Eaten Pie, Dick Dynamite and the Doppelgangers and Sneaky Feelings.

Episode 54. 13.10.17   Guest: James McKellar about Repair Coop and Chain Link, local initiatives with volunteers helping to fix your stuff.

Music from… a back to back from The Scones, Katchafire and Knightshade.

Episode 53. 06.10.17 A recap of local politics.

Music from Mukuka, Rubita, Coral and Tijuana Cartel.

Episode 52. 29.09.17  Guests: Nanaia Mahuta, (Hauraki-Waikato MP for Labour) about the Maori seats, issues and the kingitanga.  Henry De Jong from Alien Weaponry, about their music, te reo and their Nivara gig.

Music from Coral, Dick Dynamite and the Doppelgangers, Alien Weaponry, Strangely Arousing and Snake Oil Peddlers.

Episode 51. 22.09.17. Guests: Phil from FreeFM to talk about the relaunch of The Hum 106.7.

Music from Knights of the dub table, (request), Ancient tapes and The Miltones

Episode 50. 15.09.17 Guests: Wai to talk about a Lifeline fundraiser “Something along those lines”.  I also speak to local author Nikki Crutchley about her new crime thriller.

I also recap some of our big political issues.

Music from The Goth and the Pixie, Date Month Year, The Naenae Express and Half Eaten Pie.

Episode 49.  8.09.17  Recap of Give a sh*t this election.  Guest: Max and Neil from the Western Community Centre to talk about safety in West Hamilton.

Music from Skinny Hobos, Rubita and Wolf Wizard.

Episode 48.  1.09.17  Guest: Parabola West to chat about “living off the grid” and her new Ep release.

Music from Skinny Hobos, Parabola West and Knights of the dub table

Episidoe 47. 25.08.17  Recap of politics.

Music from Coral Pitcher, Half Eaten Pie, Snake Oil Peddlers and Cheshire Grimm.

Episode 46.  18.08.17  Recap of local and central govt politics with Paul the other one.

Music is from Antony the Musician, Coral Pitcher and Alien Weaponry.

Episode 45.  11.08.17 Recap of politics – central government and locally.  Review of One Hill of a Fight.

Music from Strangely Arousing, Knights of the dub table, Brendon Thomas and the Vibes

Episode 44. 4.8.17  Exploring judgemental attitudes and assumptions as a consequence of Metiria Turei’s benefit fraud admission.  Blog post.   Jake, from the Volume Collective to talk about their upcoming fundraiser for In the Fridge.

Music from The Datsuns, Looking for Alaska and System Corporation

Episode 43. 28.07.17 A recap of local politics, starting with this year’s candidates for Hamilton East and West and then some tips on going plastic-free.

Music fro Looking for Alaska, The Latest Fallout, Brendon Thomas and the Vibes and Raiza Biza.

Episode 42. 21.07.17 Guests: Dave Mac to talk about mental health services and Hazel to tell us about Down the Rabbit Hole.

Music from Coral and Ancient Tapes

Episode 41. 14.01.17 Guests: Daphne Bell to talk about climate change and Laura O’Connell to talk about Rockenrol.

Music from Brendon Thomas and the Vibes, Skinny Hobos, Cheshire Grimm and Tempest Fujit.

Episode 40. 7.07.17 Guest: Parabola West to chat about her recent single release and upcoming gig.   I also talk about self harm and self care.

Music from The Bads, Rubita, Parabola West and Snake Oil Peddlers.

Episode 39: 30.06.17  All about water; from river to tap and about how we manage availability and quality of our freshwater bodies.  Guest: Barry Quayle, recently elected Waikato Regional Councillor about the NZ Pure Springs bottled water application, an update on the Healthy Rivers plan and impact of flooding.  I also share my learnings from the Swimmable Rivers Public Meeting I attended last week.

Music is from The Echos, Strangely Arousing, The Bads and Book of Martyrs.

Accompanying blog post.

Episode 38: 23.06.17  Politics and Retro… two of my favourite things.

Music from Tami Neilson, The Miltones, The Wedding present and Rumpus Room.

Episode 37. 16.06.17  Guest: Ayman, The Mad Arab about the Nivara Lounge Comedy workshop

Music from Goodshirt, Seas of conflict and the Miltones

Episode 36. 9.06.17 Guest: James Shaw MP and co-leader for the Green Party also Hayden from local band Half Eaten Pie.

Music from Wax Chattels, Glass Shards, Salmonella Dub, Half Eaten Pie, The Wedding Present

Episode 34. 2.06.17  Guest: Tsar Marsters recognised for contribution to street dance in 2015 Hamilton 30 under 30.

Music from Cheshire Grimm, System Corporation, Half Eaten Pie, Tami Neilson, Rumpus Room

Episode 33. 26.05.17 Round up of local politics news from the Waikato Regional Council, Hamilton City Council and the DHB.

Music from Sora Shima, Knights of the dub table, Rubita, The Sonyas

Episode 32: 19.05.17  Guest:  Deb, Manager of The Meteor and commentary on mental health/suicide in response to Chris Cornell’s death.

Music from Audioslave, Skinny Hobos, Knights of the dub table, Fat Freddys Drop

Episode 31. 12.05.17.  Guests: Jake from the Volume Collective #hamiltonmusicmonth and Texas Holdem from the Skinny hobos.

Music from The Politicians, Aorangi, Rumpus room and Skinny Hobos.

Episode 30. 5.05.17  Guests. Scott Newth, System Corporation/ Rumpus room about Hamilton music and Lauren from Hamilton Live Music Trust about Circle jerk and #hamiltonmusicmonth

Music from: Checaine, System corporation, The Datsuns

Episode 29. 28.04.17 Guests: Susan, spokesperson for TRON (the rail opportunity network) and Trevor – local teacher about the use of deciles in choosing schools.

Music from 3 men missing, Banglad$sh, Cheshire Grimm, Brendon Thomas and the vibes.

Episode 28.  21.04.17 Guest.  Green party candidate for Hamilton West Jo Wrigley about the issues we need to be talking about this election, housing and food security, Te Tiriti and how to empower the more vulnerable communities to vote.

Music from The Recently Deceived and Ancient Tapes.

Episode 27.  14.04.17  Guests: Newly elected  Councillor for Waikato Regional Council, Barry Quayle.  Aaron Wong from Generation Zero about Zero carbon act and their quick submission for the HCC parking proposal.

Music from Carb on Carb, Rubita, Brendon Thomas and the Vibes and Battlecat.

Episode 26. 07.04.17 Guest: Dr Ann McEwan from Heritage Consultancy Services on the future of Hamilton’s heritage buildings.

Music from Miss Peach and the Travelling Bones, The Latest Fallout, Half Eaten Pie and Rubita.

Episode 25. 31.03.17 Slightly different show – focusing on local music.

Music from Lake South, Katchafire, Hollow Grinders, Rumpus Room, Ancient Tapes, Cheshire Grimm, Glass Shards, Albi and the Wolves, Knights of the dub table.

Episode 24. 24.03.17 – Guest. Margaret Evans, CBE – Former HCC Mayor and member of TOTI.  Re: dysfunction in Council and Dame Hilda Ross.

Music from Snake Oil Peddlers, Hollow Grinders, Liam Ryan (her choice) and Rubita.

Episode 23. 17.03.17 – Guest: Nick Johnston, organiser of Boon hamilton street art festival and candidate in the Waikato Regional Council by-election.

Music from The Latest fallout, The Shrugs and Skinny Hobos.

Episode 22. 10.03.17  – Guest: Samantha from SHAMA, about civic participation and alternative ways to build communities.  I also speak to Brendan Pyper from The Latest Fallout about their upcoming new single and video clip.

Music from Cheshire Grimm, Rubita, The Latest Fallout and Half Eaten Pie.

Episode 21. 03.03.17 – Guest: Angela O’Leary, HCC Councillor and Founder of Women in Politics.

Music from Date Month Year, Ancient Tapes, Louder Louder (again) and the Contenders.

Episode 20. 24.02.17 – Guests: Manny from HTown Skate Project about what they do, what they want and their Pop up park and Skate comp next weekend.  I also spoke to Coral Pitcher about her music – with upcoming gigs and an album.

Music from Coral, The Hollow Grinders. Louder Louder, Rumpus Room and Halcyon Birds.

Episode 19. 17.02.17- Guest: Matthew from Bring the IRB 7’s to Hamilton 2018 as well as audio from Jan Logie’s speech about Women.

Music from Date Month Year, Salmonella Dub, Skux and Knightshade.

Episode 18. 10.02.17 – Guests. Audio from Action Station about the People’s Manifesto as well as Dujon, organiser of Shake the City.

Music from Elider, Tweed, Neil Watson, Half Eaten Pie and The Politicians (#flashback).

Episode 17. 3.02.17 – Guests. Horomona Horo, organiser of Commemorate Waitangi Day at the Western Community Centre.

Music from Neil Watson, Katchafire and Cheshire Grimm.

Episode 16.  27.01.17 – Guests.  Rebecca from Campaign for Consent and Jo, one of the organisers of International Women’s Day events in Hamilton on March 8th.

Music: Looking for Alaska, Coral Pitcher and the Contenders.

Episode 15.  20.01.17 – Guest.  Siggi Henry, Hamilton West City Councillor about environmental sustainability, and how she wants to connect with constituents this term.

Music: Looking for Alaska, Rebel Sound Radio and Merrin.

Episode 14.  13.01.17 – Guest: Trevor Faville – Date Month Year and Tron Music trust.

Music: Anthony Aioni, Lola Sola and Albi and the Wolves

Accompanying blog post – Chatting about the Hamilton Music Scene with Trevor Faville. and Hamilton: City of the (not too distant) Future

Episode 13. 6.01.17 – Guest: Max Christoffersen, Waikato Times Opinion Coloumnist about “Draining the swamp”.

Music from Rubita, Date Month Year, the Contenders

Accompanying blog post – Don’t vote for a broken system and Drain the swamp? Or clean it?

Episode 12. 30.12.16 – The inaugural 2016 Top 10 songs from the Tron.

Accompanying blog post – 2016 Top 10 songs from the Tron

Episode 11. 23.12.16  Guest: Sue Moroney, Hamilton West MP for the Labour party about getting out the vote, the fundamental differences between Labour and National; media and polls and some of the things she is campaigning on next year.

Music from Louder Louder, Looking for Alaska and Wolf Wizard.

Episode 10.  16.12.16  Guest: Dave MacPherson, Hamilton City Councillor and newly elected Waikato District Health Board member to discuss challenges the DHB is facing and major projects he’ll be presiding over as Chairperson for the Growth and Infrastructure committee.

Music from Rumpus Room, Ancient Tapes and Sugarleaf.

Episode 9. 9.12.16 Guests: Max Coyle from the Western Community Centre and a candidate in this year’s local elections to discuss water quality in Lake Rotoroa and his campaign also Hamilton City Council Mayor Andrew King for our monthly catch up.

Music this week was from The Scones, Ghosts of Electricity and the Hollow Grinders.

Accompanying blog post: Episode 9: Max Coyle & Andrew King and Wanna go for a swim in the lake?

Episode 8. 2.12.16  Guest: Yvonne, Hamilton Garden Arts Festival to talk about their first line-up announcement.

Music from The Recenty Deceived, Inchworm, Half eaten pie, Naenae express, Glass Shards.

Episode 7. 25-11-16  Guest: Alecia, Organiser of The Launch a new Hamilton event to showcase local designers, artists and musicians.

Music from Rumpus Room, Katchafire, Cheshire Grimm and Battlecat

Accompanying blog post – The Launch

Episode 6. 18 -11 -16  Guests include: Vaughan, CEO of the Waikato Regional Council to talk about the Healthy Rivers Wai Ora Plan and Rob from the Hamilton Underground Press.

Music from Ancient tapes, Rubita, Alexa Dexa (NYC but coming for Future City in March), Cheshire Grimm.

Episode 5. 11 – 11 – 16  Guests include: the new Mayor Andrew King to talk about his first month and Deb, the Theatre Manager at the Meteor theatre.

Music from Looking for Alaska, Ancient tapes, Hollow Grinders and Cheshire Grimm.

Accompanying blog post – The King of Hamilton

Episode 4. 4 -11 -16 Guest: Phil, the GM at Free FM about changes to media consumption, NZ on air funding and what Free Fm offers the community.

Music from Snake Oil Peddlers, Looking for Alaska, Knights of the dub table and Brendon Thomas and the Vibes.

Episode 3. 28 -10-16  Guest: Lauren from Politics in the Tron about the low voter turnout, ward representation and diversity.

Music from Hollow Grinders, Rumpus Room, Aorangi and Rubita.

Episode 2. 21 – 10 – 16  Guests include: Tania from Gourmet in the Gardens and Biz Hamilton and Kat from Cheshire Grimm to talk about their new single.

Music from Snake Oil Peddlers, Mukuka, Hollow Grinders, Cheshire Grimm and Rebel Sound Radio.

Episode 1.  14 – 10 – 16  Guests include:  Paul the Other One to talk about the after-math of the 2016 local elections. #politicsinthetron and Sugarleaf to talk about their band and an upcoming gig.

Music from Snake Oil Peddlers, Mukuka, Rubita and Rebel Sound Radio.