My market purchases…support local


When I started Teacup and Saucer (my vintage/retro business) I needed a market to sell from (because I didn’t have the patience for selling online).  I didn’t feel we really fit into Tamahere collectors market or to any of the craft/farmer’s markets so to me, mixing vintage and handmade stalls made perfect sense.  Because, I’m not keen on ruining 50 year old items from rain or wind damage I decided it also HAD to be indoors.

The first Market Place was on December 14th 2013.  I’m nearly at year three – and the benefits to me professionally and personally have been huge.  Teacup and Saucer and the market have allowed me to do what I love as my job.  That’s not to say it’s not freaking hard, sometimes – it is… but it’s personally gratifying too… so to everyone that has made it happen – from customers – stallholders and stockists – Thank you!.

Anyway – I digress.  In the last few months I made the decision not to sell at markets – the absolute best part of this is I have time to wander around Ferrybank Market myself – chat to stallholders and customers AND (maybe not a good thing) have time to shop.

After the stallholders were set up and the doors opened at 9am, I popped home to pick James and Ella up to spend some time at the market with me. (No point them getting up at 6am to freeze like I did).  When he got there James had a chat to Jake from the Volume Collective who were set up like they do every month; and has arranged to have them record his band Sugarleaf next week. They’ll be doing it in their new recording studio which happens to be at the University (I believe it’s called the Cow shed?).  This was while the beautiful Aorangi for singing.  We’re so lucky to have them.

The first stall Ella wanted to see was Fairytales by Holly – she loves her stall (although so do I)…  But this month her purchase was a pretty little pink dreamcatcher from a stall from Smart Waikato.  We’ve recently taught Ella about how dreamcatchers work so it was nice for her to find one she loved.   (Watching her study it in the morning – wondering where the dream was was so cute).

As I did my rounds I also stopped at KT Art.  She has some lovely, very kiwi – home decor – which will be the perfect gift for the person who has everything.  My husband and I love fantails (and both have fantail tattoos); so the handmade ceramic tile had to come home with me (it was only $15!!).  It’s always amazing to see how creative my stallholders are.  Their stalls blow me away some times.  (If you look closely you can see my tile).


EVERYONE knows I have a “thing” about vintage – and I had to bring home this beautiful (probably 40s or early 50s) Hollywood framed print.  After googling “red head starlet” I found it was Greer Garson.  Beautiful isn’t she.  I already have a few framed pictures like that (including Vivien Leigh who is my favourite) and will be putting them up in the bathroom when it’s finally painted (pink).  (I paid $5 for this).

My (non-impulse) purchases were from Jill and Ange.  I adore their clothing and have, ever since I saw their clothing when it was in Story on Alexandra Street (2014).  I was lucky enough to stock them last year in my shop too.  I decided to treat myself to collecting up a wardrobe of their pieces for more “official engagements” I may have to go to over the next few months… a great excuse 🙂  The problem with wearing vintage/retro is that while I can find dresses for $10 and under – they are more often than not ill-fitting so it’s awesome being able to get the perfect size.

I have been chatting with the lovely Jill and Ange over the last month or so about pieces that would work if you were to coordinate a wardrobe – so I’ve been looking at which pieces I should start with.  The Genoa skirt fit like a glove, which can be hard with a pencil skirt but I LOVE it.  It’s so soft and warm I can’t wait to start wearing it… (tomorrow and for the rest of winter I think).  The first time I saw the top (Monet’s muse – Oil on Canvas) (photo from Ferrybank market in May) I fell in love.  It’s the perfect colours for me.  I had to have that too…  Can’t wait to wear them as an ensemble 🙂   They make me feel so good 🙂


At our market on Saturday, as well as lots of shopping and catching up with people, I visited St Peter’s cathedral across the road James, Ella and a friend – just to be nosey.  I love being a tourist in Hamilton and it’s easy to forget where you are when you are looking at it with “new eyes”.  The stonework is lovely, and it felt like I was in England for a minute:)  I was speechless while inside as the interior was not what I expected.  The ceiling, the beams… the stain glass windows… the wood… seriously, well worth a peek.

As pack-up begun I popped over to the Meteor gallery which is now open on Saturdays from 10-3pm.  It’s such a cool venue, and I’m glad they’re trying to drive more people in as visitors – outside of the black box theatre on offer.  (I associate the Meteor with Miss Cadaver which has been held there previously).  I’ll share their latest exhibitions on the Ferrybank market page so you can coincide a trip to the market with a trip across the road.

945 words later… oops.  I found cool stuff at the Market – you should come next month.  Hamilton central is cool.  I love handmade stuff.  Support local.  Thank you 🙂

Day in the life – May 4th be with you

Nothing major in the diary for today – though lots to do.  After dropping Ella at kindy we decided to check out a few shops.  We don’t often “do” op shops any more, they tend to be filled with over-priced bric a brac – but since there are no markets or garage sales on during the week we do a few anyway.


I have a fondness for industrial vintage so was happy with these two large gold anodised lampshades, sheep? skull, and vintage rustic “explosives” box.

I also picked up an 80’s does 40’s dress for myself, which I’ll post a photo of another time.

After coming home to do domestic drudgery and a few adminny type jobs – it was time to pick Ella up again.  Heading into winter I decided to take her shopping for a new top and pants.  Cuteness overload.  We then headed to pick up some printing from the Western Community Centre.  It’s the cheapest place to get my A3s and A4s printed – but even if it wasn’t – it’s such a great organisation that it’s worth the detour to Nawton.

IMG_20160504_171151 (1)

While Ella was having snack number 1000 since finishing kindy – I saw that my most recent blog post on “living in Hamilton” had been published on Stuff Nation. That was pretty cool.  I’m hoping to keep it up – I’m definitely opinionated enough to have something to write about.

We came home to go for a walk to the Dinsdale shops – and then down the road to visit a neighbour.  We live in a great little community – the majority of the people who live directly around us have been here at least 30 years.  Extremely unusual I think.

5pm – A little more admin stuff – facebook/emails etc, before starting dinner.


So – a boring but busy day.  Not particularly intriguing for the reader but we don’t all have newsworthy days.

P.S.  Here’s the link to the Waikato Times’ post.. which differs to my blog post version slightly.

For the record – I would never have had the Chiefs photo as the main photo for the link (I DID state I don’t even like rugby – I just recognise it’s a good thing about the Tron).  ALSO.  I HATE the photo the Waikato Times has on file and cringe every time they rehash it.