Podcast – David Bennett, Future City Festival and Date Month Year

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Episode 74. 2 March 2018.  I talk to Hamilton East National MP David Bennett about the proposed Waikato Medical School  -which appears to be a “no-go” under Labour.  I catch up with Rob from Hamilton Underground Press about Future City Festival – finally I chat to Trevor from Date Month Year, one of the bands at the festival.

Music is from Date Month Year, The Beths, System Corporation, Cheshire Grimm, Rubita and Loudhailer,


Mythbusting with Shayne Wihongi – NZ First

How do we decide which political party to vote for?  Do we take an objective look every three years to assess their policies, bottom lines and core values?  How much of what we “know” about a party is actually true?  NZ First’s leader, Winston Peter’s found himself in the position of kingmaker in the 2017 elections, despite having only 7% of New Zealand voter’s support.  So what do that 7% of us see in NZ First that the rest of us don’t?  Isn’t it a party for old people? racists? and those spouting other populist lines?

Shayne Wihongi, clarifying some facts at #giveashit
Shayne Wihongi, clarifying some facts at #giveashit – Meet the candidates event (Sep 2017)

“No”, according to Shayne Wihongi – Chairperson of the Hamilton West electorate, and recent candidate.  I invited him on to the show to talk about his experience on the campaign trail, where I’d been impressed by his social media campaign and pragmatic approach to myth busting.  While I don’t see myself waka jumping any time soon, I think a sound democracy isn’t just about voter turnout but about being informed and engaged 365 days of the year.  Have a listen to this week’s podcast, and if you’re available (and want to) head to their event on Tuesday night.

Also, on this show I start featuring Future City Festival bands and artists.  This week, I shared music from The Scones, Cheshire Grimm, The Beths, System Corporation and The Datsuns.  You can get your tickets for the festival at http://www.undertheradar.co.nz.