Keep our daughters safe

First published in Hamilton News 14 December 2018 She should have been safe, but she wasn't.  That's the message our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern relayed to Grace Millane's family on Monday as her suspected murderer faced court.  The outpouring of sorrow, grief and guilt from Kiwis led to two candlelight vigils being held in Hamilton... Continue Reading →


Conversations around the water cooler

"She's in childcare from 7.30-5.30pm ... but it's good for her to be socialising with other babies and it'll give her a head start for school". "What did you get up to over the long weekend?"  "Oh you know, just caught up with jobs around the house.  The cars needed washed, lawns mowed - that... Continue Reading →

Kirikiriroa Kids

Last week of the school holidays - the weather hasn't been kind so what is there to do this week?  Professor Novum's Adventures in Orbit - a rollicking adventure and a celebration of imagination and creativity, adapted from stories written by local kids.  This show runs from 17-21 July at The Meteor.  Price: $9 child, $13... Continue Reading →

Don’t spread your bad luck over here.

Is misfortune contagious?  If I distance myself far enough from those who experience bad luck; whether it be the loss of a loved one, redundancy or illness will I be able to continue with my privileged life and tell myself they are to blame for their circumstances?  Because it is their fault, isn't it?  They... Continue Reading →

We made a worm farm – part 1

*Warning - I am no expert on worm farming - We are just "giving this a go", so there'll be lots of trial and error involved* Worm farms are wonderful.  1. because food waste doesn't end up in landfill (it actually makes up 30% of all landfill which is hideously wasteful but that's a story for... Continue Reading →

March 4th in Hamilton

March 4th is the annual Children's Day Carnival in our central city with the theme "Who's your hero".  The Carnival encompasses events run by different organisations in and around Garden Place from 10-2pm. Chalkfest run by Free FM is again part of the day's events and can be found in Civic Square. Book your chalk space... Continue Reading →

A day in the life of a Modern Woman

Today started like most weekdays... which is with me battling an (equally head strong) 5 year old to get out the door on time.  "Ella... can you get dressed?"  "Ella... your breakfast is getting cold".  "Ella... have you brushed your teeth?"  "Hang on... Why aren't you dressed yet?"  I have no idea how people get... Continue Reading →

They don’t stay small forever

This time next week Ella will officially be a school kid.  I'm not sure how I feel about this. She's too small.  I'm not ready... and I am SO ready. With her first day at school fast approaching - I'm becoming melancholic.  At her first school visit I teared up looking at the little people wandering... Continue Reading →

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