Kelli from the Tron Episode 80

On this week’s podcast we’re joined by Ryan Hamilton, newly elected Hamilton City Councillor.  We began by talking about his background, the journey to be elected into the Hamilton City Council and what it’s like stepping into the vacancy left by the late Philip Yeung. I was really pleased to hear him being cognisant of the importance of connecting with the community and his attempts to do so.

During the campaign I found it hard to figure out “what he stood for”; and how he would vote on issues – but humbly, I appreciated his response; which was that as an elected member, they are there to listen with an open mind to what their constituents tell him. You can’t do that if you’ve already stated your intention. So, I’m genuinely looking forward to his contribution during the 10 Year Plan.

IMG_9713 (2).jpg

Then, we have Ashley, one half of the duo False Heights on the phone to tell us about their music, and an upcoming gig at Nivara Lounge on the 21st.

Last but not least we have Phil Grey, from the Hum106.7 in the studio to tell us about an upcoming gig with Graeme Jefferies, Matthew Bannister and Elephant Face.


Listen to the podcast here.

Kelli from the Tron – Episode 78

To kick off the show, I share the brand NEW Skinny Hobos track “Jacked like the Ripper”. They’re in town next Friday with I am Giant, tickets for the Altitude gig available now.

I also share music from The Recently Deceived and The Changing Same.


With the Hamilton City Council 10 Year Plan consultation open to the public, I ask Angela O’Leary – Hamilton West Councillor on to the show.  We talk finances, VOTR extension, the Peacocke development and conduct of Councillors.  (It’s at 9.52m if you don’t have time to listen to the whole show)


I was stoked to have Simon Hirst, local musician on the show to talk about his new album “Feet of God”.  He performed Arohanui, the first song off the album, which is officially released at Nivara Lounge on Saturday the 7th.  If you get to the FreeFM page you can get yourself in the draw for a copy of it!  This interview starts at about 37min.


So listen in to some real local content! 

Future City Festival at FreeFM!!!

After inviting some of the bands from the Future City Festival line-up into the FreeFm studio for a live show, I didn’t really know what to expect – but what I got was lots of fun, so much more appreciation for what they all do to make our city cooler and excitement for what is Hamilton’s biggest and best music festival.

Listen to the full (hour long) podcast. 

First up on today’s show was Oliver aka Glass Shards.  He bridges art and music perfectly –  so if you want to watch someone stand still and sing into a microphone… you won’t like this  He also has an exhibition at The Meteor this week, so check out his work there.

glass shards.jpg

Next up Julian from The Scones and Kitchenette.  It was was good to put to rest the question he probably gets asked every single interview which was scones (zz) or scones (like stones)… you’ll need to listen to find out which one it is…

Stoked to have Kat from one of my favourite local bands Cheshire Grimm in next, after hearing rumours of a hiatus I had to find out the dirt.


Can’t have a show about Future City Festival without the organiser!  Rob from Hamilton Underground Press joined us too.  I wondered what it’s like to put on such a huge undertaking like 20+ bands in two nights in three venues!

Finally, I felt privileged to have Chloe, Wai, Alex and Nathan aka Bloodlux in the studio to perform an acoustic version of “Unseen”.  Future City Festival is their first gig but I’m pretty sure you’re going to be hearing a lot more from them.


Listen to the full (hour long) podcast.

With thanks to Phil Grey, GM at FreeFm / The Hum 106.7 for the videos /photos

Next week’s show is on politics… so enjoy this one 😉

Podcast – David Bennett, Future City Festival and Date Month Year

Tune in to Free Fm 89.0 to hear a new episode of Kelli from the Tron at 10am every Friday.  The latest podcasts can be streamed here (click the blue link).  

Episode 74. 2 March 2018.  I talk to Hamilton East National MP David Bennett about the proposed Waikato Medical School  -which appears to be a “no-go” under Labour.  I catch up with Rob from Hamilton Underground Press about Future City Festival – finally I chat to Trevor from Date Month Year, one of the bands at the festival.

Music is from Date Month Year, The Beths, System Corporation, Cheshire Grimm, Rubita and Loudhailer,

Cheshire Grimm releases “Rain or Shine”


After a massive year in 2016 of break-through gigs and recording time, Cheshire Grimm is ready to drop its unique sound of psychedelic-pop-rock with its second album and brand-new masterpiece: Rain or Shine. The band has hit us with a fresh five track EP that really captures the band’s energy and diversity. Blending grungy rock with catchy psychedelic funk, this group has the knack for bending its favourite music genres to suit its stylistic flavour.

Rain or Shine was co-produced by Ben King (Golden Horse, Brooke Fraser, Dave Dobbyn) and Recorded/Mixed by Paul Lawrence at Roundhead Studios/Revaulting Records in Auckland, New Zealand. Lora Thompson and Kat Waswo’s captivating chemistry comes full circle in this mesmerizing collection of songs that infiltrate the mind with their philosophical-melancholy lyrics and colourful, catchy riffs.

With a solid, heavy drum sound courtesy of local legend Sam Holdom (Skinny Hobos) and a touch of keyboard and Saxophone from Melbournites Graeme ‘Wily’ Bell and Aaron Searle, this EP sounds bigger than the band has ever sounded before.

To celebrate the EP’s release in late February 2017, the band will be embarking on a summer tour throughout Australia and New Zealand. Starting at Luminate Festival in Golden Bay (Nelson), the three-piece will be teaming up with Auckland rockers Skinny Hobos for a dual-band Aussie Tour, finishing up with a trip around the North Island (NZ). Cheshire Grimm is also joining forces with Melbourne’s progressive metaller’s Logic Defies Logic, and Sydney groove rockers Rufflefeather – making for an eclectic mix of Australasia’s rising alternative talent.

Chatting about the Hamilton Music Scene with Trevor Faville.

Date Month Year initially caught my attention with the release of the music video for Numbers.  I watched it a couple of times due to its clever mix of political imagery with their music.  I was also intrigued to learn more about them, after reading their “about page” – which states “Date Month Year is not a band… it’s a way of making music”.  I decided to ask Trevor Faville to join me on the show to explore this, alongside his take on the Hamilton music scene as it is.

On the show we discuss their way of making music – and a little about their history so far.  I noticed they’re on the bill for Future City in March and we discuss the things Trevor’s looking forward to for the year – including making more videos, recordings and live gigs.  I obviously didn’t do my homework, because I didn’t know he was a trustee of the Tron Music Trust, so I took the opportunity to ask about what they are working towards to support live original bands in the Tron in 2017.  I was pleased to hear they hope to organise another symposium in May, and that they are looking at practice spaces – as this is something that Hamilton is lacking.  (As usual, I couldn’t help myself and went off on a rant about the Railway buildings…. you can read more about that here).

Great things are happening in the local music scene as a result of collaborations happening – we both put a lot of this down to the great work that the Hamilton Underground Press and The Volume Collective is doing in the city.  We also agree that a lot of this banks on having a venue to play at – and this is where we can’t take Nivara Lounge for granted.  Not only is it a venue for the locals to play at, but it hosts international acts and every genre imaginable as well.  2017 will be another great year for Hamilton music – and it’s thanks to each and every person that shares a post on facebook, buys a track or album off bandcamp,and most importantly (at the top of the wish lists) gets themselves to a gig!!  Trevor said that he believes people want to hear live and original music, I’d have to agree – and we are just two of a steadily growing group of Hamiltonian’s who are passionate about sharing just some of the great local talent the Tron has in our midst.

To hear more from Trevor about Date Month Year, The Tron Music Trust and the Hamilton music scene you can tune in to Free Fm 89.0 at 10am on Friday the 13th, 9am the next day for the repeat or pick up the podcast from the website after that.


DateMonthYear releases new single Numbers

Media Release: Hamilton band DateMonthYear is releasing a new single full of hard hitting lyrics that reflect on today’s society and how people’s lives revolve around numbers.

Date month year.jpg

DMY Founder Trevor Faville said the new song, called Numbers, wasn’t created to be a happy song to distract people from what is going on in the world. Instead, DMY wanted a song that addresses problems in society and the world, as well as things people see on television, social media or when they walk out the door.

It is about providing a voice for the issues rather than a distraction.  “We feel that the creatives in our society really should hold up a mirror rather than express a point of view as such, and in this song the mirror reflects things in our world that are perhaps things that some of us do not want to see”. Faville said.

Shunning traditional band formats, DateMonthYear’s structure means that ‘commitment is defined by contribution’ with allowance for new ideas and influence. The fluidity of the line-up ensures a smorgasbord of musical flavours.

Faville and fellow band members’ Emma Koretz, Brooke Baker, Hayely Schwass and Tyler Leet’s inspiration and the idea behind the song is that for a lot of people, numbers define everything – the numbers of your mortgage or rent, income, supermarket shopping and simply hoping that you have enough to pay for groceries and bills.

The melodious song sings about how people go through life hoping that the numbers fall their way.

Embracing the unconventional, Faville said the song will be a video release only as it is a teaser of what’s to come from their album that they’re working on. Numbers is going to be the lead track on the album that they hope to release early next year.

“Because we are an independent organisation it all really comes down to finance – so all the numbers. It’s about saving up enough money to get back in to the studio to keep working on it and we’re doing it in bits,” Faville said.

He said the other songs for the album are already written and ready to go but there’s still the process of making sure that everything sounds good in the studio before it can be released.

DateMonthYear expect to release their next song, called March, in early 2017.

Faville who is the head of the music department at Melville High School has always had a strong passion for music.

“I find that there is always choices in life, but I can’t chose not to do music in some shape or form”.

“I sort of feel like I have to do it. I hear music in my head all the time and so that means I have to write it and perform it. The teaching, the writing, the performing, it’s all part of the same parcel of doing music. That’s what I feel I have to do – it’s pretty much like breathing.”

DMY was pleased with the positive reviews received for their most recent song, a cover called Spit Out The Sun. Faville said it was great to gain recognition and validation and they hope to create the same interest with their new album.

“Ultimately, we make music to please ourselves and to be honest to our inner voice. I think that people who like our music would be people who are looking for that voice, be it honest, flawed or true,” Faville said.

To hear DateMonthYear’s new single Numbers and see the video, visit their YouTube channel at

Media contact: Trevor Faville 021 055 4689