Episode #109 – Hamilton Fringe Festival

Free FM Podcast http://bit.do/hamiltonfringe Podcast http://bit.do/hamiltonfringe 9:50m NEW music "Death you brought to me" Loudhailer 13m Hamilton Fringe Festival NZ committee members Macaila and Chris join me to talk about the festival opening. We then heard from Ben whose exhibition 'Coloured Sound' runs alongside Chris' 'Sensory explorations into Quantum Imaginary Spacetime' at the Beggs Wiseman building. <Warning, big words> 25:31m "Don't blink" Cartoon Villain 27:50m... Continue Reading →


Situation vacant: Female city councillor

Published first in Hamilton News 30 November 2018 Situation Vacant: Hamilton City Councillor.  Fixed term role starts October 2019.  Remuneration starts at $71,638.  Job description:  To represent and lead the community, set policies, make regulatory decisions and review council performance.  Preference: Female. Women hold a mere 25% of the seats in our current city council. ... Continue Reading →

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