We are not paying “The True Cost” #fashionrevolution

On the 24th of April 2013, 1138 people died and 2500 others were injured when an eight-story building with several garment factories inside collapsed.  The Rana Plaza disaster became a tragic illustration of the consequences of fast fashion, largely thanks to the 2015 documentary "The True Cost".  I urge you to watch it if you haven't... Continue Reading →


Zero Below by Katie

In this week's podcast I chat to zero-waste advocate Katie Hine.  Over the last couple of years, she's worked towards reducing her waste to just a jar every couple of months, far shy of the 780kg the average Hamiltonian is responsible for each year.  Hear about her journey, and tips on how we can all reduce... Continue Reading →

Two Birds Eatery

One of the ethos I live by is to actively work towards reducing my impact on our planet.  Some of the ways I've done this so far is by being more mindful of the food packaging or single use plastic I use, reducing the use of chemicals on my body and in our house, switching... Continue Reading →

How to help your community eat.

Kelli from the Tron shares Hamilton news, views, events and music on a weekly FreeFm89.0 show and podcast.  While some of us struggle with over-indulgence and send a third of a rubbish bag of wasted food to landfill each week; other Hamiltonians don't know where their next meal is coming from; go without, and can... Continue Reading →

Zero-wasting is hard – but let’s do this!

I don't always overthink every decision in a supermarket, but when I do.... Let me share a recent "quick stop" at the supermarket with you. Butter.  I've been procrastinating buying butter because a) it's expensive (due to overseas demand) and b) I was doing a mini-protest at New Zealand's unsustainable farming industry (carbon emissions, water... Continue Reading →

606 … not an error – a complete F**k up by those in a position to address New Zealand’s suicide rate.

https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/96261298/shoes-symbolise-suicides-along-waikato-river Last month I spoke to Dave Mac (elected Waikato DHB member) about mental health services in the Waikato.  You can listen to the podcast of that Kelli from the Tron episode here.  At the time Dave kindly gave me a list of what he believes should be included in a policy on mental health... Continue Reading →

Don’t spread your bad luck over here.

Is misfortune contagious?  If I distance myself far enough from those who experience bad luck; whether it be the loss of a loved one, redundancy or illness will I be able to continue with my privileged life and tell myself they are to blame for their circumstances?  Because it is their fault, isn't it?  They... Continue Reading →

Bustle, a nest of ethical fashion

Bustle caters for women who love fashion with a conscience.  Susie's carefully curated collections are a mix of new and recycled designer fashion. She also stocks NZ label Widdess who are known for simple styles with natural textiles.  No need for me to tell you that that makes it socially and environmentally ethical. The clothing... Continue Reading →

We made a worm farm – part 1

*Warning - I am no expert on worm farming - We are just "giving this a go", so there'll be lots of trial and error involved* Worm farms are wonderful.  1. because food waste doesn't end up in landfill (it actually makes up 30% of all landfill which is hideously wasteful but that's a story for... Continue Reading →

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