Kitsch: Why I can’t do minimalism.

I blame my love of kitsch for my inability to be a Minimalist.  The concept of being a Minimalist is bang on... I understand the benefit of keeping things simple, keeping the feng shui moving around the house and feeling more liberated with less stuff - but it's just not for me. Sometimes I call... Continue Reading →


Hamilton: City of the (not too distant) Future

Taking the train from Britomart, Auckland to Hamilton city - I didn't really know what to expect.  Friends who had visited a decade prior advised me to avoid what was arguably the most boring city in the world.  But, since it was on the main trunk line south and coincided with one of my favourite indie... Continue Reading →

Rebuild the Founders Theatre

The Founders theatre was built to last 50 years and it did.  The sudden closure is a sad example of a lack of earlier action by the Hamilton City Council to keep it going until refurbishment/replacement could occur in a seamless fashion.   However, while we can play the blame game, because it makes for more interesting... Continue Reading →

Railways buildings, no more

Well the rumours are true.  Hamilton's Railway buildings on the corner of Victoria and Ward street are coming down.  I guess we all knew it would happen.  I kept hoping that they would be earthquake strengthened and repurposed.  Sure, it would take a little imagination, but it could have been beautiful given the chance.  It's... Continue Reading →

Week 1 : How to… run for Council

It's been just over a week since I made public, my intention to run in this years local body elections.  I'm running for the Hamilton West ward - with "election day" on October 8th 2016.  For the next month, there isn't really anything that I have to "do" per se.  More - just get my... Continue Reading →

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