You had the power all along my dear.

Last night I went to an event run by "Women in Politics" and the National Council of Women.  The speakers were the Hon Louise Upston, Sue Moroney,  Mayor Julie Hardaker, Holly Snape and Anjum Raham.  It was great to hear the experience of other women who have stood for and won or missed out on... Continue Reading →

My market purchases…support local

When I started Teacup and Saucer (my vintage/retro business) I needed a market to sell from (because I didn't have the patience for selling online).  I didn't feel we really fit into Tamahere collectors market or to any of the craft/farmer's markets so to me, mixing vintage and handmade stalls made perfect sense.  Because, I'm... Continue Reading →

Hamilton ain’t so bad

Since finishing school and leaving home which was in a small country town, I've moved from and between Invercargill, Auckland, Hamilton, Perth, Auckland, Hamilton, London and yup, you guessed it, back to the Tron.  I don't really know how THAT happened, I just kept being drawn here for one reason or another. I've always found... Continue Reading →

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