Kitsch: Why I can’t do minimalism.

I blame my love of kitsch for my inability to be a Minimalist.  The concept of being a Minimalist is bang on... I understand the benefit of keeping things simple, keeping the feng shui moving around the house and feeling more liberated with less stuff - but it's just not for me. Sometimes I call... Continue Reading →


The moral of the story is that there is none

One of the biggest lessons to learn as a parent is to get used to your efforts being spat back in your face.  We use cookie cutters to make rabbit or butterfly shaped sandwiches only to have them returned without even a nibble taken.  We bring home small gifts, carefully chosen in shops - to... Continue Reading →

A day in the life of a Modern Woman

Today started like most weekdays... which is with me battling an (equally head strong) 5 year old to get out the door on time.  "Ella... can you get dressed?"  "Ella... your breakfast is getting cold".  "Ella... have you brushed your teeth?"  "Hang on... Why aren't you dressed yet?"  I have no idea how people get... Continue Reading →

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