Which colour are you voting Hamilton?

In two months we cast a vote to decide who will lead our country for the next three years.  Will blue prevail with a stable government? or will we find the minor parties scrape together enough seats to form 'some sort of' coalition?... what colour would that be?  Brown?...  Right now, according to the polls we're... Continue Reading →


Bustle, a nest of ethical fashion

Bustle caters for women who love fashion with a conscience.  Susie's carefully curated collections are a mix of new and recycled designer fashion. She also stocks NZ label Widdess who are known for simple styles with natural textiles.  No need for me to tell you that that makes it socially and environmentally ethical. The clothing... Continue Reading →

Kelli from the Tron – 2 June

It might sound cliche to say young people are our future - but its true, so I'll say it anyway.  This week is Youth Week 2017 "Our voices count, Count our voices" and Hamilton has heaps of young people working hard, following their passions and sharing it with others.  They are tomorrow's leaders - no... Continue Reading →

History never repeats? Codswallop

What would have happened if Councillor Lafferty had been successful, and the center of Hamilton had been moved to Frankton in the 1930s?  What if Garden Place hill had not been removed by an ambitious borough engineer?  How objective and unbiased can one truly be when an action causes a reaction?  Will taking on debt... Continue Reading →

Sapper Moore-Jones 1868-1922

In 2012, and 2015 the link between Sapper Moore-Jones and Hamilton was made official, with first the renaming of "Marlborough Place", to "Sapper Moore-Jones Place" and then the unveiling of a bronze statue of the hero... artist and gallant soldier to bridge Victoria street. Born in about 1868, he came to New Zealand from England... Continue Reading →

God bless America

Wow, your country is in a mess.  The Greatest nation in the world and the land of the free is looking more like an American horror story every day.  In a week's time about half (according to 2012 figures) of the 218 000,000 eligible voters will make it to the polls. While I write this with slight... Continue Reading →

Back to work

I know I'm one of the lucky ones.  It only took about three weeks to find a job.  After having nearly 4 years off I wasn't too sure what to expect - or how the job market is at the moment.  Activating the Seek profile again wasn't something I was looking forward to, especially after being... Continue Reading →

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