Advice please! Boards of trustees

Last night I got the call to say I was a new member of my daughter’s school’s Board of Trustees.  I’d rushed through a self-nomination form earlier that day – without, to be honest – knowing much about what it actually involved.  My motivation is wanting to contribute to the school community and do my... Continue Reading →


When I grow up…

Free FM podcast link 🎧 Did you choose your career or fall into it? Do you love what you do or are you stuck in a rut? 🙄 In this podcast, Amy McLean shares her journey from accounting to the fitness industry and then on to small business and personal coaching. 🤜💕🤛 We try... Continue Reading →

Situation vacant: Female city councillor

Kelli from the Tron

Published first in Hamilton News 30 November 2018

Situation Vacant: Hamilton City Councillor.  Fixed term role starts October 2019.  Remuneration starts at $71,638.  Job description:  To represent and lead the community, set policies, make regulatory decisions and review council performance.  Preference: Female.

Women hold a mere 25% of the seats in our current city council.  Did you notice?  Probably not.  We’ve become used to our local government lacking diversity in gender, ethnicity and socio-economic background.  But, imagine how different the dynamics and decision-making process of a council that truly represented our city would be.  I’m not asking for quotas to achieve diversity, we don’t need them – but we do need to support more women to put their name forward for next year’s local elections.  Will you join me?

Are we lacking strong female community leaders?  Are we short on ambitious, strategic professional women?  Would Mums with young families prefer…

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Wendy Ganley: 1960’s Fashion Designer

The story of a 21 year old Hamiltonian, opening her own fashion boutique on Victoria street, caught my attention.  That it happened back in the 1960's, fascinated me even more for the vision, gumption, passion and dedication it would have taken to succeed.  It was a privilege to hear Wendy Hall nee Ganley of Elle... Continue Reading →

Two Birds Eatery

One of the ethos I live by is to actively work towards reducing my impact on our planet.  Some of the ways I've done this so far is by being more mindful of the food packaging or single use plastic I use, reducing the use of chemicals on my body and in our house, switching... Continue Reading →

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