Climate change #1 issue

There is a fear of the future, and frustration at missed opportunities driving some of our young candidates to stand in the upcoming election.  On Tuesday night nine Waikato candidates under 35 years took to the stage at Seed Waikato’s Let’s give a shit about local politics event.  Currently only 51% of Hamiltonians under the age of 24 are enrolled, so the event came with a 101 on how to enrol and vote.  While local government elections usually fly under the radar of young candidates it was clear that issues of climate, housing and transport had motivated some to stand.  Sarah Thomson, a Hamilton West candidate who took the government to court over inaction on climate change set out a vision for what our city could be doing better, particularly with redirecting money from roads to cycleways and public transport.  Dan Armstrong, a Waikato Regional Council candidate for the Waipa-King country seat highlighted the need to prepare some communities around the region to retreat from eroding coastlines.  While, climate was high on the list of priorities Tim Young, Hamilton East candidate spoke about needing a council who looked to science and technology to form policies led by educated views. Next Tuesday the University of Waikato are hosting a panel on Getting out to vote: Youth and the elections with local leaders focused on issues currently not being addressed by council. Register through eventbrite. 

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