When I grow up…

Free FM podcast link 🎧 http://bit.do/episode-131

Did you choose your career or fall into it? Do you love what you do or are you stuck in a rut? πŸ™„

In this podcast, Amy McLean shares her journey from accounting to the fitness industry and then on to small business and personal coaching. πŸ€œπŸ’•πŸ€› We try to make sense of expectations on young people and how we can live a life that follows our values and passion.

Amy and I in the Free FM studio

If what we talk about in this podcast resonates you can follow her Facebook page and check out her blog and website http://www.m4collective.com

This Free FM podcast is brought to you with the support of Hamilton Taxis – so please show your support to them by flagging them next time you need a ride home from town!.

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