What’s going on?

This week a Waikato Regional Council report stated that only 36% of respondents believed they had any influence over Council decisions. Down from 62% in 2006.  A Hamilton City Council report shows strong feedback that respondents don’t think they are well represented – or listened to. Finally, the Waikato District Health Board governance has been so shoddy that the government appointed a watchdog to oversee.  So I ask myself, “What’s going on?”.  At what point is there going to be an intervention or across the board agreement that the current local political system is undeniably broken and that urgent change is needed.  I’m not talking an urgent report… I’m talking radical, creative solutions to our fake democracy.  The narrative after the poor voter turnout in 2016 was that non-voters are lazy, don’t care or don’t know… I challenge that and suggest the real problem is the disconnect elected members have with constituents and a system which pushes forward the status quo and staff and elected member’s personal agendas.  Why would someone bother voting when they don’t think it makes a difference?  2019 is shaping up to be another 2016.  How low can turnout go?


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