The Deputy Mayor and Metal band Deathnir

On this week’s FreeFm show and podcast...

Are the proposals in the Hamilton City Council’s 10 Year Plan “done deals”?  I ask Deputy Mayor Martin Gallagher this question and then find out what he thinks will make Hamilton a desirable city to live in.  Then, Andrew from metal band Deathnir comes in to let us know about an event happening in the central city this weekend and what he was hoping to achieve by bringing metal, rock, acoustic pop, reggae, folk and blues together!  He also performs an acoustic version of one of their songs.

Other music from Looking for Alaska, Coral and System Corporation.


1 thought on “The Deputy Mayor and Metal band Deathnir

  1. Martins responses illustrate the identity problem. He keeps talking about how Hamilton will be an exciting place in the future, actually I want to hear city leaders talking about how exciting it is now. We have a thriving, exciting arts scene, live music scene, an amazing awa with walk & cycle ways, massive cultural heritage with all of the colour and spice that comes with diversity and resettlement. Fine restaurants, cafe’s, coffee, and theatre, what’s actually missing is council support for people and communities struggling on low incomes. We are so much more than our council seems capable of describing. We are Kirikiriroa.

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