Help get rid of Bob Simcock

Nigel Murray, the CEO of the Waikato District Health Board was on a salary package of about $570,000 and still felt the need to rip off the system.  After two months of chilling at home while his expenses and claims were investigated he finally resigned.  He is only required to pay back $50,000.  I’d argue the amount of tax-payer money he spent and the cost of this drawn out process was a lot more.  But, with him out of the picture; should any more heads roll?

I’ll answer that for you.  Yes.  The Government appointed Chair of the Waikato district health board – Bob Simcock.


Tom Lee/Stuff Waikato DHB’s virtual health app costing millions

Join me by signing the Taxpayers Union petition here.

While some of his board have reserved comment until the results of the investigation are completed – we already know enough.  Bob Simcock was responsible for hiring Nigel Murray.  He was also responsible for ensuring Murray filed expenses each year – and he failed to do that for three years.  If medical staff have expressed that they don’t have any faith in his performance as Chair – if Board members are now questioning it – he’s got to go.  We deserve better.

Let’s not forget that Simcock was Mayor of Hamilton during the V8’s and at that time was criticised in a PWC report for not being forthcoming with financial information to Councillors.  He has shown a pattern of arrogance and a disregard for rate payer and tax payer money by not providing accountability.  Help speed up his retirement by signing the Taxpayers Union petition.

“We hereby express ‘No Confidence’ in Waikato DHB Chair Bob Simcock and call on him to tender his resignation for being responsible for the matters which led to Nigel Murray’s departure as CEO.”  Taxpayers Union.


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