How to deal with an election hangover

Did you wake up thinking WTF?  Did that actually happen?  Bile tasting disappointment in your mouth? Fear and loathing of 46% of your neighbours?  You’re not alone, so here’s how I’m dealing with the hangover, I hope it gives you some hope to face the rest of the day too.


The biggest shifts in thinking and actions come from individuals, leaders and groups in the community.  While our government is supposed to be a representation of our country, it isn’t always effective.  Voter turnout is too low, change is slow and authenticity is compromised – but community led activism is organic and has the ability to make real change.  It starts with you and me. It starts with us thinking “how do I want things to be?” and “what can I do to make that happen?”.  What worries you the most?  What will you protest for?  Once you explore these ideas you can find groups, campaigns and movements in your own town, city or online networks to get involved with.  What change do you want to see?


Voting once every three years and calling it democracy is not enough.  If this election has taught us anything its that its time for the community to lead change and it’s time to hold our politicians to account.

It involves being informed year round.  It involves calling the government out on BS. Contacting your local MP, protesting and reminding the government of the day what they campaigned on.  We employ them… we need to make sure they are doing what we are paying them to do.

On Friday, I’ll be recording my 52nd episode of Kelli from the Tron (yup Happy FreeFM birthday to me); and while I have been sharing Hamilton news, views, events and music I’m going to be shifting focus slightly to find more ways for us to get involved in our community – so I’ll be showcasing some not for profits, community led groups, and campaigns to get on board with to be the change we want to see.  I’ll continue to talk to local Politicians, ask questions I’m not hearing them be asked and then relay that to you. Be informed.  Get involved.  Create change.

Kelli from the Tron

Kelli from the Tron airs on FreeFM89.0 at 10am Friday.  Tune in, or listen online.

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