Kelli from the Tron – 2 June

It might sound cliche to say young people are our future – but its true, so I’ll say it anyway.  This week is Youth Week 2017 “Our voices count, Count our voices” and Hamilton has heaps of young people working hard, following their passions and sharing it with others.  They are tomorrow’s leaders – no netflixing and chilling happening here.

So on this week’s show I spoke to Tsar Marsters – recognised in 2015 (at the age of 21) for his contribution to street dance.  One of the reasons I find this awesome is because his passion helps to fosters a spark in others and inspires them to strive for more for themselves too.  You can hear more about him in this HCC video; and of course on this week’s show.

Coincidentally, applications are open to nominate another 30 under 30.  Check out the Hamilton city council’s website to hear more.

I tried my hardest to get Hayden, bass player from Half Eaten Pie on the show, but phones were against us, I’ll try again next week.  I’m keen to talk to them, because they took out the Waikato regional smokefree rockquest for the second year in a row! and it’s well deserved.

Because, we’ve wrapped up Hamilton music month, and reflecting on the relevance of NZ Music month for another year, I put a challenge out there for people to try and get to more live gigs. That’s where it’s at… not in your car or on your i-pod.  In a month I heard music ranging from punk, stoner rock, dub, acoustic, jazz and rock and enjoyed each gig for different reasons.

MUSIC this week…. On this weeks’ show, I’ve played Jimmy, from local band Cheshire Grimm – because they’ve just released a new video.

I also played System Corporations‘ new single “Dismal universal hiss” because it hit the European Indie top 200, and that’s pretty cool.  Ignore they say they’re from Stockholm on their page… they’re ours – with links to local favs Rumpus Room; who’s song “Step around” was played on the show this week too.  Even though technology failed, I played a Half Eaten Pie track, “Take it”.  Finally, because I’m super excited about the gig on Friday the 16th June I played “Holy Moses” from Tami Neilson.

That’s it for another week!  #supportlocal everyone.

Kelli from the Tron airs at 10am on Friday, tune into FreeFM89.0 in the Waikato, or via their website to listen live.  It also airs at 9am on Saturday morning.  You can listen to the podcast 24/7 too.

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