Pecha Kucha – Kelli from the Tron

1. Hi, I’m Kelli Pike – and I’m here for two reasons tonight.  I, like 75% of people, have a real fear of public speaking.  Actually this is my first time.  And I don’t want that fear to stand in the way of me being able to express myself publically and vocally anymore.

2.  The other reason I’m here is to tell you a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down… kind of.  I’ll give you a little run down on how the Girl from Gore became Kelli from the Tron so that you know where I’m coming from when you tune into the show or read my blog.  In West Philadelphia born and raised.

3. Actually, I was born and raised in Gore and an even smaller town called Wyndham.  I ditched that for the bright lights of Invercargill when I finished 7th form.  I then moved to Auckland, back to Invercargill, up to Hamilton, over to Perth, back to Auckland, down to Hamilton, over to London and then finally settling down here in Hamilton about 8 years ago.

4. I have settled down quite happily now.  I got married to James – who is very tolerant of me and the chaos I attract; we bought a house we’ll probably live in till we die (Dinsdale represent) and have a 5 year old daughter Ella.  It was wanting to be a Stay at Home Mum to spend more time with her that motivated us to start a small business we called Teacup and Saucer.

5. My specialty is 1950s-70s decor, but we basically bought and sold anything pre 80’s; furniture, collectables, kitchenalia, clothing, homewares – you name it. This is at Atomic market at the Classics Museum which was our first big market – and here’s me looking awkward like I always do in photos.  Face for Radio.

6. As well as loving the style and quality of that era – I’m also passionate about promoting good consumer choices.  In general I don’t buy anything new – except underwear and make-up; but it extends to considering the sustainability of a product, in terms of quality, eco-consicousness, and who profits or suffers from me making that purchase.

7. These were the values I followed when I started Market Place, which I ran for about three years – promoting vintage, handmade and local.  Most of that was in the central city.  I called it quits last year after some ups and some major downs .  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  Here are some of the products I have bought myself from that market.

8.  During this time we took what was now a successful online and market based business to bricks and mortar.  As much as I loved it – it just wasn’t financially feasible – though that’s a sentiment I see all to often echoing in our central city so I certainly don’t see it as a failure or mistake.

9. It was during running the market – in the central city and of course having the shop on Alexandra street that I became acutely aware of the negativity surrounding the central city – but I just saw so much potential and cool things already happening so I made it a personal mission to support those things.  Ferrybank is one area that I think has lots of potential for heritage and arts.

10. Slide 10 is Poppy and Palatnik.  I’ve snuck this in to lower my heart rate and remind me to breathe in case I’ve forgotten to do that.  But, I’m actually doing okay. So yay!  I can do this – mission accomplished.

11.  After winding up Teacup and Saucer and Market Place I had a bit of a mid-life crisis.  It wasn’t about wanting expensive shit like a red car – it was wanting to live a life that had purpose and intent.  I couldn’t stomach the thought of working for organisation that didn’t care about me nor vice versa.

12. Luckily I didn’t have to.  I now have a sweet job running the Eco shop at the Waikato Environment Centre – which suits me to a T with my passion for ethical shopping.  It also allows me to work with people who share similar values and motivations.  Everyone is there for the right reason.

13.  So in October last year,  Phil the GM said to me one day – Kelli – You’re intelligent, creative, witty and super cool – Can you please come and have a show on local access radio – and I said – Yeah…okay,  I’m pretty busy but I’ll help you out…

14. The show was supposed to be a hour a week, on great things happening around our city and while there is a fair amount of that –  like any creative process I discovered something else which seemed to make more sense to me, which was to encourage people to be informed and involved locally in political, environmental or social initiatives or events.

15.  I try to share ways that everyday people in Hamilton can get involved outside of their lives on facebook.  I truly believe that each and every person has the ability to stand up for the greater good in any battle that they choose and that if we can we should.

16.  This is a collage of the local artists I featured in my Top 10 songs for 2016.  We have so many talented musicians and creatives in our city who often go under the radar while we listen to commercial radio – so the only songs I play on Kelli from the Tron are from local artists or ones who are visiting Hamilton on tour.

17. Future city which is on March 3rd and 4th in our central city will have 27 live bands in two venues.  There are so many things which are good about that event that I’ve volunteered to be on the door for one of the days.  Feel free to come and say Hi at Creative Waikato on the Saturday – though you’ll still have to pay for your ticket.

18. At the moment Mike Williams is teaching me how to go solo to host the Free Breakfast show on Free FM on a Tuesday morning.  I should be up and running in a couple of weeks, and what makes it cool is Tuesday’s is when Ivan from Nivara Lounge comes in share the weekly gig guide.  That happens to be another of my favourite places in Hamilton when I’m kid free.

19. Kelli from the Tron airs at 10am on a Friday and again at 9am on Saturday mornings.  Being 2017 you can also download the podcast on demand either finding the link on my website or from  I’m also pretty active on facebook and instagram – search Kelli from the Tron.

20. As well as conquering a fear of public speaking, sharing the story of how the Girl from Gore became Kelli from the Tron – I wanted to leave you with this gem of advice from Ella. “Sometimes people make mistakes, but that’s okay because they believed in themselves”.  Thank you for being an awesome audience.





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