Free Breakfasting & Pecha Kucha

Exciting News: I’ve been sitting in with Mike Williams to learn the ropes to become the Tuesday morning host of the Free Breakfast show – which airs 7.30-9.30am every week day morning on FreeFm 89.0.

Tuesday morning is the best day because that’s when we have Ivan Muir on the show with the Nivara Lounge gig guide for the week.  Being Hamilton’s coolest live music venue – and my favourite place to go when I’m kid-free, I’m pretty excited about this.  We regularly have passes to give away for shows at Nivara Lounge so make sure you’ve liked the Free Fm Facebook page so you don’t miss out.

While sitting in this Friday, we had Hamilton Mayor Andrew King stop in to the studio. He’s a regular guest on Free Fm which is really awesome as he’s standing by his election promises to be transparent, accountable and available to the community.  We also had Location Manager from Metro by Hoyts in for his weekly roundup of movies – Paul Barlow is one hard working Hambassador so again we’re lucky to have people passionate about the city and involved in community access radio.  He also hosts a weekly political show Paul the Other One – which you can listen to at 11am on Saturday morning.

The main reason this is a bit scary (but exciting) is because it’s live – as opposed to pre-recorded… so when I get tongue tied… I’ll have to keep going.

I’ll let you know when you can tune in to hear me on your way to work – it’ll be some time in the next few weeks.

In other exciting – though slightly terrifying news, I’ll be presenting at Pecha Kucha Vol 27 at as part of the Hamilton Garden Arts Festival on Tuesday the 21st.  I’ll be one of a dozen people with completely different stories to tell.


At this stage (unless I change my mind again) I’ll be talking about how Free Fm provides me me the creative outlet I need to deal with introversion, wanting to make the world a more positive place and setting a good example to my daughter.

I’m excited but understandably nervous about this – it’ll be my first experience with public speaking.  Well overdue – but part of me does wonder why I would put myself through it voluntarily. I am looking forward to the other speakers too – I know it’ll be a great night for the audience.. shame I’ll be too busy hyperventilating to enjoy it…

According to facebook – the line up is….

“An ex Hamilton mayor. An ex Hamilton mayoral hopeful. An orphan who doesn’t know his birthday nor how old he is with the most compelling strength and resilience. Two radio personalities. Burlesque diva/actress/and all around delightful person. An artist slash Prime Minister scholar who just got back from overseas. An endurance athlete. A travelling actor. These are the people who make up our community. People like you and me. Hear their stories. Celebrate the journey”

Margaret Evans
Chris Simpson
Olivier Niyitegeka
Eliza Webster
Nick Wilkinson
Ben Manning
Janine Swainson
Brendan Pyper
Tim Stewart
Kelli from the Tron

You can pick up your tickets from here. 



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