Chatting about the Hamilton Music Scene with Trevor Faville.

Date Month Year initially caught my attention with the release of the music video for Numbers.  I watched it a couple of times due to its clever mix of political imagery with their music.  I was also intrigued to learn more about them, after reading their “about page” – which states “Date Month Year is not a band… it’s a way of making music”.  I decided to ask Trevor Faville to join me on the show to explore this, alongside his take on the Hamilton music scene as it is.

On the show we discuss their way of making music – and a little about their history so far.  I noticed they’re on the bill for Future City in March and we discuss the things Trevor’s looking forward to for the year – including making more videos, recordings and live gigs.  I obviously didn’t do my homework, because I didn’t know he was a trustee of the Tron Music Trust, so I took the opportunity to ask about what they are working towards to support live original bands in the Tron in 2017.  I was pleased to hear they hope to organise another symposium in May, and that they are looking at practice spaces – as this is something that Hamilton is lacking.  (As usual, I couldn’t help myself and went off on a rant about the Railway buildings…. you can read more about that here).

Great things are happening in the local music scene as a result of collaborations happening – we both put a lot of this down to the great work that the Hamilton Underground Press and The Volume Collective is doing in the city.  We also agree that a lot of this banks on having a venue to play at – and this is where we can’t take Nivara Lounge for granted.  Not only is it a venue for the locals to play at, but it hosts international acts and every genre imaginable as well.  2017 will be another great year for Hamilton music – and it’s thanks to each and every person that shares a post on facebook, buys a track or album off bandcamp,and most importantly (at the top of the wish lists) gets themselves to a gig!!  Trevor said that he believes people want to hear live and original music, I’d have to agree – and we are just two of a steadily growing group of Hamiltonian’s who are passionate about sharing just some of the great local talent the Tron has in our midst.

To hear more from Trevor about Date Month Year, The Tron Music Trust and the Hamilton music scene you can tune in to Free Fm 89.0 at 10am on Friday the 13th, 9am the next day for the repeat or pick up the podcast from the website after that.


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