2016 Top 10 music from the Tron


<<Click here to listen to the Top 10 songs.>>

#10 Sugarleaf “Leave us Alone”.


#9  Cheshire Grimm “Awaken”.


Cheshire Grimm – Kay Buchanan photography


#8 The Recently Deceived “Summertime”.


The Recently Deceived – Image Hub

#7  Rumpus Room.  “Living life in reverse”.

#6 Battlecat.  Coaster


#5 Louder Louder “Waiting”.


#4 Ancient Tapes “Don’t fade away”


#3 Aorangi “Everythings Okay”


#2. Mukuka “Just fine”


#1.  Rubita “Sober kisses”.

While I chose Sober Kisses as my favourite song – I loved the video for Milky Moon, so am sharing that for you here.

Well that was Kelli from the Tron’s Top 10 for 2016.  I’m eagerly awaiting an even bigger year for local music in 2017.  I just know it will be.  If you hear something you’ve liked please follow their pages, their progress, go to their gigs, buy their merch and music and let your friends know about them.  Local music is relevant, it’s exciting and Hamilton caters for all music tastes.  If you would like to hear your song on Kelli from the Tron send your mp3 through to kellimpike@gmail.com or send me your gig details (at least a week in advance).

Rock on!!!









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