Episode 9: Max Coyle & Andrew King

On the most recent episode of Kelli from the Tron I spoke to Max Coyle.  I asked him onto the show to give an overview of measures which can be used to improve water quality at Lake Rotoroa, as part of the Lake domain managment plan which was open for submissions through the Hamilton City Council.  This was just one of the main changes proposed by the plan but in my view the most important for our future.  Whether you have any intention of swimming in the lake in the future – I think protecting our water ways is important for ecology for future generations.  (I did an earlier post on these changes).

I also took the opportunity to ask him about the recent local elections for which he stood as a candidate in the West ward.  Of all candidates, I don’t mind admitting that I feel that he probably did the best even if he wasn’t elected on; Purely because he got to 7th (so close…) without spending a cent.  This goes a long way to show that consistent engagement with the community over a long period of time goes a long way.  He also stood under the No water meters ticket – which garnered widespread support.  I believe that he would have made a significant and positive difference to the make-up of the council (which to be honest, I kind of view as dullsville).

Also – running on the West ward is our new Mayor Andrew King who I had on the show for our “monthly catch up”.  With my Politics in the Tron hat on, I want to be able to inform the public about what the Council is achieving and working on – without the headlines.  We discussed some of the agenda items for their 30 November meeting – which included Beale Cottage (which I didn’t know you could visit); the new recreation centre going up in Rototuna; and a proposed statue (and street name change) in honour of Dame Hilda Ross.  I also asked his thoughts on the Waikato Times front page story about newly elected Councillor Siggi Henry.  He clarified misunderstanding about what happened to the community advisory panels; allayed concerns about the library closure and updated us on what’s going on to improving Housing in the Tron.  He’ll be on again next month – please feel free to send in any questions you have for him – I’ll do my best to ask 🙂

With thanks to both guests – you can listen to the show in full here.  (P.S.  Disclaimer – there is a song on the show after Max’s interview – and I don’t know what it is… I must have put it on the show in error, so I have no idea what it is).

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