Wanna go for a swim in the lake?

Did you know that back in the day – you could (safely) go for a swim in Lake Rotoroa (otherwise known as Hamilton lake).  In recent years – you’re more likely to see a sign warning of the dangers of algae than someone in their togs – but it doesn’t have to be that way.


Children swimming in Hamilton Lake (also known as Lake Rotoroa) in Hamilton. Photograph taken in the 1920s by G Cartwright.

The Hamilton City Council is taking public submissions on the Hamilton lake domain managment plan until Sunday the 11th December.

The more significant changes proposed by the management plan are:

  • Lighting the walkway between the Ruakiwi Road entrance and Lake Domain Drive exit
  • Proposed picnic area and exercise equipment on Innes Common
  • An identified approach for improving the water quality of the Lake
  • Proposed expansion of hockey centre
  • New off-leash dog exercise areas including a fenced area on Innes Common
  • Working with sports groups and stakeholders on a proposed Water Sports Hub.

To find out more please check out the details of the plan and most importantly HAVE YOUR SAY.

If YOU want to be able to go for a swim in the lake one day; please consider adding some or all of the following to your submission (as recommended by Restore). 

“I am concerned by the water quality of Lake Rotoroa, and ask that the Lake Domain Management Plan prioritise the following measures to make it safe for swimming and fishing:
– develop wetland areas to filter stormwater inflow
– implement additional measures to reduce excess nutrient levels in lake water
-control pest fish and/or re-introduce native species
– manage duck and other bird populations
– encourage bird feeding away from lake water; replacing bread with barley or other grains
– improve rubbish management, including recycling stations
– other actions to enhance the Rotoroa environment”.

To learn a little bit more – tune in to Kelli from the Tron on Free FM at 10am this Friday (the 9th December) to hear my interview with Max Coyle where we briefly discuss this before I get sidetracked.







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