Your apathy is killing you

**Warning bad language and poor grammar, this is a VENT post**

The only way that change ever happens is by doing something.  The apathy that is drenching our young, poor and downtrodden is a result of a world which is simply falling short of what could be achieved if we had the right people making decisions to change it. Life sux for lots of people… but it doesn’t have to be that way. That means being aware of what is happening and responding to it.  It involves voting the right people in.

Why bother?  Well… do you want YOUR children to live in a world where the decision makers are a small number of “old white rich men with questionable morals and motivations?”… or do you want them to live in one where people “like you” are making decisions?  You can bet your cotton socks that something you complained about today, could be different under new leadership at a local,national or international level.  Times have changed, we are no longer run by tribal, royalty or religious leaders – we in the Western world have opted for democracy – which IF used properly means anyone can be elected in to make decisions and most of us are eligible to vote.  IF used properly you can completely overhaul the system, especially since those who have the most to gain by voting outnumber the ones voting for the status quo (in NZ that’s the baby boomers).  Change involves two things – YOU to care enough – and have the balls to stand up and say  – No…. that ain’t right, I want this instead.. and YOU to vote.

If you don’t like the TPPA – stop whinging and let John Key know.  If you don’t like how your child is being punished at school – here’s an idea – do something about it.  If you want a Founders theatre, if you want more houses built, if you expect good healthcare – demand it.  If you don’t understand what the Council does… FIND OUT.  It’s YOUR ratepayer money.  Most of you may as well say “Here… have my rates money (leaving me with nothing to spend this week) and do what YOU want, and I’ll just look the other way.  Ridiculous.

The level of apathy about how much our political system is being infiltrated by business / corporate interests as a motivator is nothing short of disgusting – but hey – if you don’t vote – you’re obviously okay with that happening.  (Yes, completely targeted at National being in bed with China and America – and selling our our environment with an unsustainable dairy industry).

So how does this rant relate to local council and whether you should or shouldn’t vote?  The only way to get change is to do something.  If you personally aren’t up to taking control of your life – fine… your choice, but the least you can do is educate yourself to vote. It’s not difficult.  It doesn’t take long and it’s free.  At a local level, you can follow Politics in the Tron where – as things happen we’re be giving you (for free) independent unbiased (unless disclosed) information about what is happening and who is doing it.  We’ll also be making it easier to decide who to vote for in 2019.  Start local… think global.

Not all politicians are the same.  Not all people elected into public office are politicians.

To all the haters who don’t want to be “involved with a corrupt system”… PUHLEASE. You’re already IN the system.  If you want to change it, do something … don’t sit their and whinge, or turn a blind eye.  You owe it to your children to get off your arse and start making a difference, start working towards a positive future you DO want.  If you don’t vote you sure as shit can’t complain and you sure won’t see what CAN HAPPEN.  But apathy never made a difference.

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