God bless America

Wow, your country is in a mess.  The Greatest nation in the world and the land of the free is looking more like an American horror story every day.  In a week’s time about half (according to 2012 figures) of the 218 000,000 eligible voters will make it to the polls. While I write this with slight mocking tone I genuinely pity the good Americans – the non-corrupt ones (who are 99% of the population).  Your country has become an absolute laughing stock where we sit and tune into your “Presidential debates” with popcorn – mock your options and wonder how the heck this happened to you.  It’s one thing to have a Presidential candidate who is a racist, sexist idiot, who laughs at being ‘smart’ because he doesn’t pay federal taxes and another who by all accounts has spent their whole life preparing for this chance… and so can’t be trusted either.  In fact.  You’re screwed no matter who is elected in because the cracks have shown.  You can no longer avoid the fact that your “democratic” system, isn’t. So, do you continue to vote despite what you now know about who is actually running your country? do you vote when you don’t actually believe what the government is telling you?  will not voting fix this?  Should you vote for the lesser of two evils?  If so, who is that?  I’m sorry to say I can’t give you any answers- but I do wish you all the best.  God Bless America.


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