A day in the life of a Modern Woman

Photo: Sshhhh...don't tell anyone ;-)

Today started like most weekdays… which is with me battling an (equally head strong) 5 year old to get out the door on time.  “Ella… can you get dressed?”  “Ella… your breakfast is getting cold”.  “Ella… have you brushed your teeth?”  “Hang on… Why aren’t you dressed yet?”  I have no idea how people get more than one child ready for school/work on time. Fortunately we are a 10 minute walk to Frankton primary so at least I don’t have commuter traffic to battle.  I was stoked to find that the op-shop across the road from her school was open early so popped in and found a new (old) skirt and blouse for a grand total of $6.50; what an awesome start to the day!  It was then time to get to work.

I’ve taken a part time role as a Recruitment Coordinator for the Women’s Health service at the DHB.  I’m involved with trying to attract midwives and doctors to Hamilton to provide obstetric and gynecological care.  As you can imagine, promoting Hamilton is second nature to me and I’m really enjoying the chance to be able to utilise my love of the city to attract others here.

I rushed back to school a bit earlier to attend a meeting by a parent lead group who focus on fundraising at the school.  We’re working on next month’s Spring Fair.  It will be held on Thursday October the 27th and provides an opportunity for the wider school community to visit and help with a number of fundraising efforts to purchase more outdoor gear.

I walked Ella home before heading off to my next appointment.  (More serious content now).  On Friday – I found a lump in my breast during a self examination.  My Gp put me at ease and the awkward process of her checking was not as  bad as I expected.  She confirmed there was in fact a lump – and she explained to me what happens next.  I (like most people my age I guess) don’t have private health cover so will be relying on the public health sector for follow up.  I’m now on the waiting list for a ultrasound and mammogram.  I’ll probably have to wait about two months…   My husband and I did briefly discuss “going private” but given the risk is low… (no known family history and a non-smoker) we feel comfortable to wait.  I’ll keep you posted, but do want to take the chance to remind women to check themselves regularly for any signs of changes to your breasts, shape – size – colour and lumps. It’s all about changes.

Get your mammogram!:

That wasn’t the end of the day.  I’d really been looking forward to the YWCA “Suffrage day Candidate event” as I am passionate about supporting women in politics.  It was an opportunity for women standing for local body elections, their supporters and the public to come together marking 123 years since women won the right to vote.  The event involved candidates for the HCC, Regional council and DHB introducing themselves and having the opportunity to answer questions in a “speed dating” format.  I’ll be writing more about this event tomorrow – but it wrapped up a day which for me was all about being a modern woman.  Juggling, aspiring and succeeding in nurturing our families, our jobs and our community.



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