What makes a good Councillor?

You may think a lawyer, accountant, property developer or business owner would automatically make a great addition to the Council table.  But it isn’t necessarily so.  In fact, if you are voting based on profession and corporate experience, you could be missing out on a candidate that has a whole lot more to offer.

We need to vote in the candidates that will advocate for OUR needs, OUR values and OUR vision for the city.  This doesn’t necessarily line up with their occupation.  If we can relate to them as being “the most like us” and if their message resonates; it’s probably a good indicator that they will vote for things that you personally would have voted for.  However – figuring out WHO they really are, without relying on the information they choose to give you can be difficult and time consuming to wade through.

But… I’m going to give it a go.  Deciphering the information they give… the information freely available and a little bit of reading between the lines I hope to introduce you to some of this years Hamilton City Council candidates.

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