Create a business that you love

With living on one income being so hard, like lots of other Mums I’ve met since, I started to think about how to make money from home – and built a small business called Teacup and Saucer. I ran it online, through markets and for a short time in a bricks and mortar shop in the Alexandra Street. I will always be proud of starting a business, with no capital and one which embraced my love of all things vintage – I love 1950′-70’s style.


Something else I am really passionate about is encouraging others to find a way to pay their bills from their creativity or passion.  It is particularly satisfying for me to see small business start up and grow to enable Mums or Dads stay at home with their young families.  To facilitate this I started Ferrybank Market.  All of the stallholders sell vintage or locally made products.  It’s a great community and something else I am proud of.  As well as running the market, I promote and support other local businesses, creative events (particularly local music) and central city initiatives.  It makes for an authentic lifestyle – one where you can see the value in what you do each day.


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