I’m a Mother – and this means I don’t just KNOW but FEEL that it is our job to make sure the city and country we bring our kids up in, is well planned, invested in and liveable.  We have a duty to pass on a world that is better than it is now.  Before James and I started our family (Ella is nearly 5); I was a lot more conservative.  Having a child changed my worldview.  I want to see some meaningful change in the world we live in, the lifestyles we lead and what our system values.


James and I at Ella’s kindy as part of Matariki day celebrations.

I believe the best way to affect positive change is to work WITHIN our current political system at a central and local level which in this case is the Hamilton City Council.  The job of the HCC is huge – and impacts on pretty much everything to do with living, working and playing in our city.

The HCC can decide where and how we build houses, local infrastructure, waste water, rubbish, parks, parking… the lake and gardens.  They can influence initiatives to support economic growth; the fate of the pre-war or significant buildings in the city, or allocate resources for public spaces and the arts.  I feel that if we continue veering right by focusing on money and a “me culture”, – we’ll be setting ourselves and our future generations up for problems and expensive fixes. None of us want that.  We need to be efficient and effective by going back to the start to figure out what are we trying to achieve in Hamilton?  Where do we want to be?  How does that look?

Are we doing things the way we should or the way we always have?


Having a young and creative worldview with a family to consider will impact on how I vote on issues at the Council table- and while I will only be 1 vote of 13 – I am 1 vote closer to what the young people, and young families want happening in and around our city for a better future.

New Zealand has a democracy system in place but it only works if everyone votes for someone they most relate to or who understands ‘their Hamilton’ the best.  Total voter turnout was 38% at the 2013 elections… that’s dismal.  My request to you is to Vote for a Council Candidate that you feel best understands YOUR needs and how you would like things to look in 50 years.  #letsgetpolitical





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