My first radio interview


Last Friday “Paul the Other one” invited me to come in for his Saturday morning segment on Free FM – Community radio.  I have NEVER spoken on the radio and it would be my first “live” interview… so I was nervous to say the least.

I kind of knew who he was because he’d “done a talk” at the Metro By Hoyts as part of a Business After 5 I attended last month.  I remembered him because he wasn’t boring – it was actually really interesting to hear a little about the challenges and opportunities Metro by Hoyts was experiencing in the central city and on a more global scale as … new releases are online so quickly.

The song that was playing before the interview was Wonderwall… one of my all time favourites so I took that as a sign I would be fine.  And it was.  I  listened to it via podcast just now and despite cringing a bit, (that’s the self conscious side of me kicking in); it was my first time on the radio – so I’m happy I didn’t mumble too much, drop the F* bomb or say anything too embarrassing.  I have a habit of brutal honesty and saying whatever comes into my head…

He was obviously nice to me, not setting me up to sound like an idiot so it was great practice for later on down the track when I can expect to be challenged more.   Thank you Paul!

We covered all the general issues – only getting off-track a couple of times…. but if you’re keen to listen click on this link


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