Captain Planet

Our generation (18-44yrs) needs to change the direction our world is heading in.  The sooner the better.  Decisions need to be made in the business and political spectrum to avoid the complete decimation of our planet and to create a society which is fair and tolerant.  To continue on our current path is no longer an option.


Given, that the above statement makes me sound like a conspiracy theorist or mad woman I’ll elaborate.


Natural resources are finite.  Money may come and go but the environment will not continue to renew itself to keep up with demand by our growing population and the exploitative nature of business.  New Zealand was once a beautiful, clean green country… but the standards are worsening and we need to stop the degradation of our rivers and waterways and not to mention our ecosystem and planet.  Carbon emissions causing climate change which will destroy the Earth as we know it, IS a REAL THING.  And… what’s going to happen if we don’t have bees?… which may happen if we keep using harmful pesticides in our gardens.  You’ve seen “A Bee movie” haven’t you?

The countless things you can do to help the environment will be the topic of another post but, here’s one to ponder over.  Shop consciously.







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