Hamilton’s “The Volume Collective”

Last night I made my way into Nivara Lounge to help celebrate The Volume Collective’s first birthday, so I thought it apt timing to introduce you to them officially.  You’ve probably seen and heard them at Ferrybank Market or maybe seen me share a post on facebook but I’ll go back to the start… which was about 18 months ago.  They responded to my call for ‘buskers’ to come along to Christmas Market Place back in 2014.  While they weren’t officially the The Volume Collective back then it was clearly on the cards as they formed not long after.

From then on we’ve been lucky enough to have one or all of them at most of our markets. This is something we are extremely grateful for… when they aren’t there it’s just not the same… You never REALLY know who or what type of music you’re getting but I actually really love that.  It’s live local music – it’s not supposed to be predictable 🙂

Apart from being resident muso’s at Market Place (now Ferrybank Market) they also do a WHOLE lot more in the community. 12376800_1667763123489159_4824971177435892210_nDid you know… ?  The Volume Collective, RECORDS, FILMS and BROADCASTS young, developing local artists FOR FREE.  Yup, free.  (Although clearly giving what you can is appreciated). They use their time, talent, experience (and expensive equipment) to give people a hand to follow dreams and reach goals.  Creative goals. Success is not always about money.

Here’s a recording they did for Aorangi.  The song is called Angel and I think it’s a bit awesome.

An offshoot to The Volume Collective is the VOLUME ON CAMPUS.  They have a base at the University to act as a platform for people to share their work and an avenue for support and networking for like-minded artists, musicians and designers.  So if you’re on campus make sure you check them out.

As well as all of this, they organise and promote heaps of gigs and EVENTS in and around our city. Not only is this giving YOU something to do in the weekends, but it’s helping to foster and re-grow Hamilton’s music and artistic scene.  I’ll be doing event management for them in the future starting with gigs later in the year- stay tuned for details.  There’s also a bigger better brighter MUSO MARKET on the cards for early in the new year.  Exciting.

They do awesome things for the Hamilton music scene, the central city and emerging artists so please make sure you support them when you can. 

You can tune into their weekly podcast – which also airs at 5pm on a Wednesday on The Hum radio station 106.7FM; or subscribe to their youtube channel where you can also catch Nivara Lounge‘s weekly gig guide.  

For more information: www.thevolumecollective.com or www.facebook.com/volumecollective




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