A little announcement…

Since announcing that I’m winding up the buying/selling through Teacup and Saucer I’ve been focusing on what’s next for me…  I’m still very much in market-organiser mode, as I still 100% want to see Ferrybank Market become a real awesome thing for the central city – and still want the Retro Fair to be the best in the Waikato… I just see myself doing even bigger things as well.

IMG_20160504_171151 (1)

I follow what’s going on in the city with an open, interested mind and genuinely believe good things are happening in the city.  I’m a critical thinker – I read between the lines and join dots so my perspective is different to what others may see.  I believe in collaboration, I believe in supporting others, and I believe in positivity over negativity.  I don’t profess to know everything, or be the best, but I am going to put my hand up.

I’ve decided to put my hand up, and stand as a candidate for this year’s Hamilton city council elections.  This is no whim.  This is something I started thinking about during the last elections.  I just wasn’t ready.  So now… I am.  I’m willing to put my hand up, say Yup, I’ll be good at that if elected, and I GENUINELY want to make a difference and shape our city.  You can see how much I love Hamilton if you read this old post.

I’m not an extrovert, I’m not charismatic, I don’t have a thousand friends; huge networks or heaps of money.  I’m a “normal” chick, with a young family, mortgage, average daily stressors, but with ambitions that reach a little higher than the norm I guess.  I’m not motivated by money, fame, popularity (except when it comes to votes I guess), I just want to live a life that is true to me and what I believe in. Being a Hamilton city Councillor means I have more of a chance of promoting Hamilton (which is now my home) in a positive light to those who already live in it, and those who don’t; more of a chance of initiating and implementing positive change and most importantly show people that you CAN do something.  You don’t need to sit back and observe, complain and comply.  Do something beyond what’s expected of you.  Put your hand up. Make a difference, and be someone.  Dream.


I have no idea what I’m doing.  The process of putting my hand up is a little daunting… sometimes I think “am I setting myself up for failure?”  But mostly I think… “what have I got to lose?”.  The answer…. $200 (that’s what it costs to put your name forward), plus costs for the campaign… which honestly, I’m hoping to be close to $0 because that’s how much I can afford.  (Fingers crossed for the power of social media huh?).

Now… I’ll post updates regularly as I take this journey.  But, I do want to thank a few people already.  1.  Max Dillon Coyle.  You put your hand up first… encouraged me to have a go and now I am.  I sincerely hope we can both get in to council for Hamilton West and shake things up.  I can already imagine the trouble.  2.  Angela O’Leary.  I asked to meet you to discuss what to expect, and found you supportive and encouraging enough to give me the confidence to give it a go.  Thank you for answering my email 🙂  3.  Most importantly, James.  Holy heck… I cannot figure out how I managed to be so lucky to score a husband that supports every single weird decision I decide to make.  But, you do.  It’s crazy how lucky I am.

So… stay tuned as I figure out how on earth to pull this off… while getting Ferrybank market going… while bringing up a 4 year old which is still… the most important job. Fun times 🙂



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