Time for change…

It’s been niggling at me in the background for a while now – but of late I’ve been standing back – looking at what I’m doing and have this week decided to…. “move on”.

For the last few years – I’ve concentrated on buying and selling genuine vintage products – first at markets and online; then in a shop before returning to selling online earlier this year.  As well as this, during this time I’ve worked tirelessly on building Market Place which promoted vintage and handmade products in Hamilton.  While what I’m doing is “good” and I’m proud of what I’ve achieved it isn’t making me happy anymore.

There are a few reasons, some of which include…

  1.  Good quality vintage products are getting harder to find and harder to get a good price for due to the number of competitors.  I’ve never been greedy – and kept prices reasonable but this means I’m putting in lots of hours, travel and money without being able to make a decent living off it.  Unlike alot of other people in the industry – I don’t have another source of income – and I declare income for tax.  This makes a huge difference in terms of sustainability, not to mention the extra work involved.
  2. The number of sellers on trademe and flea markets (which has grown exponentially in the last two years) drives the price of general vintage goods down.  Great for buyers – not for sellers.  This is one of the reasons I am moving Ferrybank market further from a flea market and more towards boutique or quality craft.  I think stallholders deserve to be able to “get more” for their time and effort so they need to be set up in that environment.  I will continue to run the Waikato Mid-Winter Retro Fair as it is a bit more exclusive.
  3. I spend a lot of my time promoting the “vintage community” and other businesses without reciprocation.  While this is okay for a while, there does become a point when you wonder why you bother when you struggle yourself.
  4. The smell… seriously.  When you are in a shop or at a market and the people around you don’t bother with basic hygiene you realise your workplace is a hazard.
  5. It’s not exciting me as much anymore.  As much as I love finding stuff for myself or friends (vintage is definitely an ingrained passion)- I’m bored with buying and selling for others… so while I’ll “dabble” in future – I don’t want to do it full time.

While this may sound all negative there are some positive reasons for change.

  1.  Market Place has morphed into Ferrybank Market.  I love being able to promote and support the artistic / creative community.  I feel that vintage (in markets) has had it’s day (for now) and is over-saturated.  I feel that that what the average buyer wants is to support local makers.  Ferrybank Market is in a unique position at the moment where we can offer something positive for Hamilton city and simultaneously support small business.  I want to be able to focus more time on this.
  2. I feel like I’ve done as much as I can with Teacup and Saucer and am ready for a new challenge.  I am currently looking at moving into a new career / new industry which is really exciting. (More on that another time).

So for now – in terms of Teacup and Saucer – you’re going to see it wind down (after I clear out current stock).  James and I will still “do a little selling” but it will definitely be taking a back seat.  I’ll be in full force with Ferrybank Market until I line up the next career move.

I want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank so much, all of my customers – and supporters.  If you have bought off us, attended our markets (or shop) – recommended us to a friend or shared our work at all, I appreciate it.  The last few years has been great – it has allowed me to follow my passion – remain at home with my daughter and indulge in my love of op-shopping.  For that I will be forever grateful.  So – stay tuned over the next few months as we start de-hoarding and after that when I start the next journey.

Ferrybank Market is on EVERY SATURDAY morning at 30 Victoria Street, Hamilton.  The Waikato Mid-Winter Retro Fair is on July 30th 9-3pm at the Chartwell Coop Church.  Hamilton.



2 thoughts on “Time for change…

  1. Thanks for all the fantastic work you do. Especially building capacity and promoting your industry without receiving recognition or income for it, I know how it feels! Kia kaka Kelli!

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