Day in the life – May 4th be with you

Nothing major in the diary for today – though lots to do.  After dropping Ella at kindy we decided to check out a few shops.  We don’t often “do” op shops any more, they tend to be filled with over-priced bric a brac – but since there are no markets or garage sales on during the week we do a few anyway.


I have a fondness for industrial vintage so was happy with these two large gold anodised lampshades, sheep? skull, and vintage rustic “explosives” box.

I also picked up an 80’s does 40’s dress for myself, which I’ll post a photo of another time.

After coming home to do domestic drudgery and a few adminny type jobs – it was time to pick Ella up again.  Heading into winter I decided to take her shopping for a new top and pants.  Cuteness overload.  We then headed to pick up some printing from the Western Community Centre.  It’s the cheapest place to get my A3s and A4s printed – but even if it wasn’t – it’s such a great organisation that it’s worth the detour to Nawton.

IMG_20160504_171151 (1)

While Ella was having snack number 1000 since finishing kindy – I saw that my most recent blog post on “living in Hamilton” had been published on Stuff Nation. That was pretty cool.  I’m hoping to keep it up – I’m definitely opinionated enough to have something to write about.

We came home to go for a walk to the Dinsdale shops – and then down the road to visit a neighbour.  We live in a great little community – the majority of the people who live directly around us have been here at least 30 years.  Extremely unusual I think.

5pm – A little more admin stuff – facebook/emails etc, before starting dinner.


So – a boring but busy day.  Not particularly intriguing for the reader but we don’t all have newsworthy days.

P.S.  Here’s the link to the Waikato Times’ post.. which differs to my blog post version slightly.

For the record – I would never have had the Chiefs photo as the main photo for the link (I DID state I don’t even like rugby – I just recognise it’s a good thing about the Tron).  ALSO.  I HATE the photo the Waikato Times has on file and cringe every time they rehash it.


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