Drab to fab

I’ve had this little wall cabinet for a while now.  I used it in the shop last year to display nick nacks (without the doors) but never really felt inspired by it… until now.

I had a craving to do some up-cycling so I took to the cabinet with a my sander yesterday ready to give it a fresh coat of white.  (It looked nicotine stained before).


When you start sanding you never really know what you’ll find underneath so I was excited to find that the original colour was (what I call) vintage green.  You see this colour a lot in 1950’s kitchens/bathrooms.  Because it’s such a cool colour I decided to leave the cabinet”shabby chic”.

Because someone has replaced the back of the cabinet at some point I found the exact match in tone with Aquamint from the Voodoo Molly Vintage Paint to fix it up and VOILA!  I love it.  I hope someone out there does too!

It has so many possible uses from the kitchen, to the bathroom or in a bedroom (you just need to screw it onto a wall or use brackets).












If you need this cabinet in your life please click here to head over to the Trademe auction.

I didn’t get a before photo – but this coat rack also looked uninspiring.  Filthy and dull.  I was taken by the vintage hooks so had to have it.  I scrubbed it clean, treated some borer holes (to be safe) and then used an oil on it to darken and rejuvenate the wood.  It looks awesome.


If you need THIS coat rack in your life (let’s face it with 10 hooks you’ll have enough for everyone to hang up all of their coats) check out our Trademe listing.


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