This week on Trademe

We’ve got some must-see pieces available on Trademe at the moment.  If you’re after FURNITURE – We’ve got a fabulous mid-century Otto Larsen dining set, a chair (in need of restoration) and a floating cloud coffee table.  Mid-century furniture is definitely “in” right now – far surpassing pieces made before or after in popularity.  I think it has something to do with the quality – simplicity and sophisticated style.  They fit in perfectly with modern decor despite their age.

You also can’t go past the vintage HOME DECOR pieces on offer for those who like pretty things.  This week we have a glass wall lightshade, ballerina picture and a brass flamingo.

COLLECTORS will also be happy with some Keith Murray tankards, Hoglund art glass candleholders and a much sought after Crown Lynn display rack.

One of my favourite – more unusual pieces this week is the TEAL AIRLINES DUFFLE BAG.  Teal was the forerunner to Air New Zealand.  It existed between 1940-1965, and every now and then we see a small piece of memorabilia, (like an ashtray we have) – but I’ve never seen one of these bags before. I think it’s really cool and can imagine it being used as it would have been in the early 60’s or for storage.

I couldn’t find a photo of a Teal duffle bag on google – but found this one for the Air New Zealand version (which would have been a few years later).  Teal also had the most amazing advertising in the 1950’s with really eye catching artwork.  I wouldn’t mind finding an original poster or two one day 🙂

Head over to Trademe to check out these listings.  Don’t forget to save us as a seller and check back regularly.

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