That little white seat

You may have seen this 1950’s white metal corner-stool in a post last week.
I nearly didn’t buy it because I’ve been trying to avoid buying “projects” that never get done.  This is largely due to our  “storage issues”.  I saw potential in this one because it’s a corner seat rather than a straight so bought it anyway.
Today I finally got around to stripping it to be restored.  You can imagine my delight to peel back a naff 1990s fabric (which had been thumb tacked in from the bottom), to find THIS orginal green and gold vinyl in mint condition.  I am so glad they protected it for the last twenty years with the ugly 90’s stuff 🙂   After oohing and ahhing at it for a while (I’m sure Adele from Fine and Dandy will understand that one) I took some photos and got back to work.  
Sorry – the vibrancy of the green just isn’t showing here – but trust me it’s beautiful apple green.
I then began the task of sanding.  I already had it set up after working on an oak tea trolly this morning. (That one is waiting it’s second coat of varnish).  The edges and scrolling on white metalware can be fiddly – I use the power sander to get most off and will go back over it with sandpaper.  
I admit that I take ages to restore metal furniture, finding the sanding a bit tedious and the spraypainting too messy and requiring more space).  I also have bad luck with the spray paint (ie. I’m too uneven at it or the one with the primer comes out clumpy – and yes I have told Bunnings about this :). I’ve decided to try to brush on the enamel paint this time though I am worried about drippiness. The only other thing I have painted with enamel paint is our coffee cup holder – it is uneven and drippy and my attempt to cover that up with shabby chic’ing is weird… I now know not to ‘shabby chic’ enamel paint… it looks weird.  
However long it takes I will post the end result when I’m finished 🙂  I have Very Vintage Day Out on April 9th in mind for it though.  

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