Back to it…

I’ve had the last month off – It wasn’t intentional, it’s just that every time I tried to do something productive, either brain fog, or this horrible humidity Hamilton’s experiencing would kick in.

I’m still very much in holiday mode.

That will have to change this week in the lead up to our next market.  I’ve got a stallholder plan to look at and more “spreading the word” before next Saturday.  Just as important is putting a stall together for Teacup.  It’s been two months since the last market.  Since then we’ve taken most of the stock from the shop home.  It’s a full house.  But it means that I really have to dig around to find things.


Further from Market Place, which we attend on the first Saturday of every month – we have also booked to do the Vintage Market at Silo Park on March 6th, and then the Very Vintage Day Out on April 9th again in Auckland.

At the moment Teacup has some pretty cool items on Trademe.  My favourite is the Chinese Girl by Tretchikoff.  It’s in mint condition.  My own  copy of the print isn’t but it has a bit of a story so I decided to keep that one.  The furniture and decor we’ve listed is very 60’s – atomic – kitsch and iconically retro in style.  I see a lot of the knock-off’s at K-Mart etc but really don’t think you can beat the real thing.


I’ve been finding a few things every day this week – so have some more cool things to add to trademe this week.  I’ve also got a heap to list on our website… this is where I become easily distracted…  I’m excited about Market Place.  As well as enjoying hanging out with the other stallholders and customers – I also enjoy setting the stall up.  That’s one thing I miss about the shop.  (Though secretly… that’s about all I miss… the weight off my shoulders is amazing).

Anyway – my four year old is still up… better sign off for the night.


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