Flipping the bird.

In response to:  https://www.stuff.co.nz/waikato-times/news/100330220/waikato-dhb-silent-on-board-member-complaints

How low can the Waikato District Health Board go?  If the sagas of 2017 weren’t enough, 2018 has kicked off with yet another example of the Board’s incompetence.  Acting Chair Sally Webb doesn’t think the public need to know which board member has had three complaints of bullying towards staff against them.  I know she’s new to the role, having taken over for Bob Simcock who (eventually) resigned as a result of not holding CEO Nigel Murray to account for bogus expenses claimed, so I’ll help out by explaining something to her.  The Board is elected by us (the plebs) to advocate to the Ministry of Health and ensure the staff at the WDHB are doing what they are supposed to do.  I’ll repeat.  Elected by us.  When she says there is no public good in naming the board member she is flipping the bird to a sound democracy.  Democracy isn’t just about making sure the public vote – it’s about making sure the public makes an informed vote.  So, shouldn’t we know who the bully is?